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  1. Sometimes it takes 4 children sucking at your dried teets, a life sized debt and a couple of black eyes before you realize you’re a dumb cunt. Best Wishes!

    1. yes there is but you gotta hook them in first, then slowly start controling him, then you can beat him into submission

    2. From the picture you posted , i think you should just worry about men finding you attractive and not mistaking you for a man first.

  2. It is definitely a Man win for me!!! If any woman could think like that, wow, would be fantastic. Being a couple without seeing any other woman you met mostly and don’t have *** with them, god, that’s not human being, that’s a shame, it’s society behavior, not primitive human root. Yes that’s right, hate on me, but it’s damn true.

  3. And this is what Disney and the corrupt government run schools have produced. I hope this idiot dies in childbirth and takes her whelp with her

  4. I had a girlfriend like this. I ended up giving her herpes, thats when her parents got involved. Blew it right up , talked to my parents made me out to look bad. I was just young and doing what I thought was fun!

  5. Skyler Mitchell
    Mora em WaxahachieEm um relacionamento sério com Taylor Ashley LewisNasceu em 31 de Dezembro de 1988

    Thats a epic fail… he exist and still in a relation with taylor…

  6. Where do u sign up for girls like this. 😀
    I don’t cheat, but, might give me a free pass on something stupid I’ll do. 😀

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