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    1. The little one, in the white dress, obviously. Not only is she too small, she’s standing in a different position and hold the wrong type of item.

    2. You can’t even see which one? ! what the fuck, it’s the girl who could actually kiss yao ming with out standing on a chair

    3. It’s the blonde in between the two in the white isn’t it? She has gladiator sandals on? Failing that, I didn’t want to be cruel, but the one on the far right, well, her posture isn’t as great as the others.

    4. the little one on the left for a few reasons. she’s not holding flowers and she’s the only one not older than 12.

    1. 2lolo: You’re a fucking idiot. Dwarfs are on average around 4’10” Smurf’s are 5″ tall. (aka taller than your dick is long, and higher than your IQ)

    2. Well technically we Smurf are classified as leprechauns aka magical folk just the blue version that lives in mushrooms and magical wangs that are triple the size of our bodies.

    3. Mmmm I believe it was indigo… You know that dark deep blue. There was a story about how we found that out lol

    4. papa smurf…is a magical wang like a penis that can change shape and shit like that…

    5. Yeah it forms to the shape the female desires to please her the most… Up to 18 inches

    1. You’re hilarious! It was a joke that apparently went over your head that others seemed to have gotten. And so brave of you with the name calling secretly behind a computer/cell phone. It’s an Epic Fail site. Lighten the hell up.

    2. how dare you make fun of people on the internet on a site that revolves around making fun of people on the internet!

    3. Really, well let’s see how much ice cream you down when I rip off your little dick, yes ice cream because you will have to become a girl, sad thing is, obama makes better jokes then you, cocked up mother fucker

    4. Yes ice cream because you will have to become a girl. Sounds like an Arnold Schwarzenegger one liner

    5. Your celebrity come backs make no sense, and he could also kick your ass with one finger

    6. I’m saying move out from under your troll bridge, and go write for Hollywood, you have the gift!

    7. and i’m saying move out from your mom and dad’s house and get a life, and gift, to spot out dip shit’s like you.

    8. You realize you just said get a life to someone while you yourself are bitching on epic fail right?

    9. @What the Fail – You know, there are many charities that could benefit from your time a lot more wisely instead of just sitting here and complaining about people and trolling. Do something meaningful and make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

  1. The little girl shouldnt be wearing white, its a wedding not a funeral. and i would have torn apart that little girl for wearing white, unless of course the girl is the womens daughter and so then the girl is dressed in white with her mommy cause its her big day aswell

    1. Nice stream of consciousness there. How many bong loads have you done so far today? (Starting from this morning, not midnight of last night)

    2. The little girl, whether hers or not, is clearly the flower girl and every wedding I have ever been in, the flower girl wears white

    3. Don’t bogart that joint my friend
      Pass it over to me
      Don’t bogart that joint my friend
      Pass it over to me

      Roll another one
      Just like the other one
      You’ve been holding on to it
      And I sure will like a hit

      Roll another one
      Just like the other one
      That one’s burned to the end
      Come on and be a real friend

    1. What I was thinking originally was the giant Amazonian women from futurama. Death by snuu snuu!

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