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    1. You were also last there for a little bit, can I share something with you? never mind your probably like me, NO ONE GIVES A RAT’s ASS

    1. Oh! Wait a minute! You threw in some kinda double negative there and messed me up. Not sure what you’re asking then.

  1. 2 things: PEOPLE THAT SAY 1ST AS A COMMENT ARE RETARDED! 2nd is I wish time didnt change, only the date. I miss the 90’s….

  2. I was really confused, I thought for sure the guy was black based on how he spoke until I saw a white arm pop out. If there is anything nostalgia about this vid, it is the white dude acting black.

  3. Thumbs up for the Hulk Hogan poster on the wall, Brother! Thumbs down for the language unless he has tourettes.

  4. So, this guy breaks into someone’s house and finds a parent’s shrine to their kid who died in 1993, then makes a video bitching about how there’s nothing worth stealing.

    1. nothing worth stealing? all that shit would go for a fortune on ebay.

      more likely some rich fucker who set that whole room up just so he can go in there and pretend he’s 10 whenever he feels like it.

    2. *All that fucking shit would go for a motherfucking fortune on motherfucking ebay, yo.

      Is what you meant to say.

  5. This video is funny to me because he is saying the whole time how you had to be a rich motherfucker back then and the irony is even now you have to be an even richer motherfucker for any of that shit, even the posters.

  6. My guess is he went away from home and came back to find his room left untouched. He got it right with the Game Gear though, only rich ass kids had that shit, 6 AA batteries only lasted 30 mins to an hour max ahah. Shit was so heavy to, man the 90’s rocked….but I wouldn’t trade it in for the shit we have now even on a good day lol.

    1. I had one, but I got it years after it came out when it was much cheaper. and yeah just had to use the ac adaptor the whole time. worthless as a portable.

    2. So true too. I got mine the day they released state side. The only bad thing is they didn’t make games for it very long

    3. That isn’t a game gear, it’s portable sega genesis (called sega nomad). this was a rare machine created in 1995 that didn’t last long because the playstation and sega saturn came out soon after. it played regular genesis games, and had output to tv and you could attach another genesis controller to it to play two player. how do you think he has a full sized game genie and genesis sonic cartridge in it? you guys are lying that you had game gear if you can’t recognize the difference. the game gear didn’t look like that.

  7. To heLL with this ni66er. Must be white my azz. Just cause his family chose a life of crime and didnt give a damN about the whelps, doesn’t mean that you have to be white to own that shite. Screw this racist scum. Get a life ni66er. Quit blaming whitey for your scumbag ancestors. Your own people sold you into slavery and we aint heard the end of it since. ont know who is worse, you scum or the Jews

  8. A 1970’s bedroom would be cooler. I remember my old Detonator 8-Track Tape player and my old Micky Mouse portable record player and my mirror encrusted disco ball. Bell bottoms, twist stand thing that you stood on and twisted to learn to become a better disco dancer. Bean bags, penny bubble, and far fewer fears of the end of the world. Hell, nobody had died of aids in the 1970’s.

    1. that’s always an important thing to remember when designing your room. does it look like a time period where there was a lot of aids around?

  9. FRED, Your Mother is doing good but no sex for her for the next month but Blow-jobs… But your younger sister is good to go….

  10. He has a goddamn Game Genie. I remember renting my Game Genie out for $5 a night. I was the richest project kid and had all of that even the 32X. I miss my childhood.

  11. The 90’s was awesome. What a black guy is doing in it, I have no fucking clue. I just expect some white kid to be waxing nostalgia over this stuff.

  12. Oh look some purple shit in the fridge and a Run DMC cassette without the case cracked but held together with tape. Man this must be some Poor Black Kids house FO SHO!

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