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    1. Well I figure pinecone dick would be stuck to 2lolo’s ass…. That would give this guy an edge.

  1. The chick on the left is hotter then the chick on the right. God love america! Only here can can a piece of tail wear a beared and still look fuckable. Did you faggots hear what happened to “nickynoname” he now goes by “2lolo”.

  2. That’s a very old picture of Papa Smurf in the 1950s….. In the South, a fag would be killed… But today Papa Smurf is an old fag walking with a cane.

    1. Mainly because it makes them feel brave talking anonymously behind a computer, which they would get knocked the fuck out if they did that to someone real life.

    2. Oh, sorry, were you two not issued your “Welcome to the Internet, Bro” pamphlets? It outlines general behavior and coping skills needed by those of us who get sand in their vaginas.

    3. True. But you seem to spend a lot of time commenting on just about every single pic on here when there is a whole grand world out there with fresh air and everything!

    4. Your post assumes I spend an inordinate amount of time indoors and, if I were to venture a guess, implies that I reside in a basement, splitting my time between two or three activities- in no particular order; posting inane comments on EF, masturbating, and likely playing Skyrim/WoW, etc.

      Could be that I’m posting from a laptop in a cafe, my desk at work, or even a boardwalk near the beach, all of which are possibilities- although if I’m anywhere near the beach I risk getting sand in my vagina, so that’s unlikely. But the other ones are definitely possible.

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