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    1. No punchline, it’s a news story. I just thought it was a bit funnier/more interesting than this drivel.

    2. So that’s what you do now a days 2lolo, rape grandma’s, Fred hates you that much?

    3. My bad, the granny rape occurred in Arizona, but the kid was from Colorado. And I don’t know why Fred hates me so much, it’s not like I raped HIS grandma or anything.

    4. I guess she was asking for it. I know plenty of grandmas that wear pushup bras, tight jeans showing their cameltoes and shit. You know there’s always at least two sides to every story.

    5. Jeessuss fuckkkk! Stop letting your little mongoloid near the keyboard! It pains us all to see this acceptable grammar followed by such mutilation of the english language two posts later.

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