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    1. HEY! 2lolo, those both look like your little dick, bet fred’s mom won’t be happy when she getting the kiddy meal tonight

    2. How do you know what my little dick looks like? Did you install surveillance cameras in my mom’s basement?

  1. thats not a body mod….thats what happens when you dont take care of you gauges and they split. but what can you do after they do…this GIRL has the right idea

  2. its like someone stretched there ears and had a terrible accident where there ear ripped in half then they tried to make there ear look nice with jewelry but really it just looks gross…

  3. every one is gonna think they are gross….i mean look at then. they are gross. but an operation to get that fixed is allot of $$ so i bet she is happy with herself enough not to really care what closed minded people on the internet think.

  4. Hmm, I think that it is the ear of a woman, and that she had one of those gigantic hoops before the ear was destroyed. I think that the ear hoop was destroyed by being rode in the lobe by a perveted secret one night stand. I think that the owner of the ear has avoided confrontation with her girlfriend by telling her that she has had her lobe done to match the visage that slammed her head on the first night.

  5. It would be fun to suck on them and roll them around in my mouth with my tongue..Then nibble on them, while giggling and wispering in her ear” Shuff them up my ass.”

  6. thats what happens when you want a stupid disc in your ear, eventually no more circulation and then rots apart like so. this person tried to make a bad situation better but its really not. just imagine everyone who has plugs on their ears in about 15 years they will all look like this.

  7. Never understood the fascination with ear mutilation. i’ve stood near idiots with those stupid condoms in their ears and it reeks like a month year old carcass, disgusting!

    1. Bunch of no noting morons here, fist and foremost it’s not “gauges” or “gauging” the proper term is stretching, this photo was obviously taken without the consent of it’s rightful owner. This was posted on facebook in a contest known as “earmageddon” put on by the company Industrial Strength. Furthermore it’s not “stupid” to want to stretch ones ears if you would like to. If someone’s stretched ears smell it’s because they have poor hygiene and fail to properly clean their ears.

  8. I think I know this person, I’ll never forget those ears. She came into my shop one afternoon with baseball sized wads of toilet paper and surgical tape on each ear, soaked in blood and dripping onto her shoulders.She had started with 3 normal stud piercings but wanted plugs, lacking the patience for the process she got a pair of scissors and snipped out the tissue between the holes in a triangle. They did not heal well, and when they finally did they had split apart into 2 little baby dicks. She also had me tattoo flames coming out of her butt. Not kidding.

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