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    1. @WhatTheFail, Are you saying you don’t BANG FRED S ????? So why are you paying FRED $5.00 on the dark street??? Please Don’t tell me you sucking on some thing??? Of FRED????

    1. LMFAO A5SK1CK,what a tool,shes takin a dump .you can tell by the”I just shit”look on her face

    2. She’s a multitasker. With a little training I could teach you guys to shit take a photo give me a blow job and rub my nuts all at the same time.
      You first liz.

  1. Crop fail my ass, how the fuck are you supposed to crop out her reflection in the mirror and not have the picture look retarded?
    Should be more like a ‘photoshop needed fail’ or just a common sense fail.

    1. Isn’t it obvious… since someone managed to setup a ‘profile’ with the same name and avatar to make him look more stupid (an act which no-one thought was even possible), the dickhead is now posting under a different pseudonym.

  2. This is how it always goes down. You ask the girl to send you a face pic so you can compiment her on how beautiful she looks. But we all know that we wait to to ask for a titty shot so we can show our friends. And if we are real lucky we can get a sausage wallet MPEG tossed our way.
    And everyone loves a good sausage wallet. It’s good to get a glimpse of what you are getting yourself into

  3. This girl works for me she is super smart and knew you could see everything. She found it funny so technically it isnt a fail. She’s pretty and proves even pretty girls have to pee….she was at party btw 🙂 EPIC WIN !!!

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