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  1. Who’s the fucking moron that put a tag as “whole”??? Do you EF fucking dipshits understand the difference between “whole” and “hole”? Dumbasses.

    1. I am so glad you pointed that out DeadlyCocksucker, I never would have thought to call them out on that, since it was obviously the biggest fail here….

    2. Did you happen to notice the tag said “whale” & not “whole”? or are you too busy suckingcock to see it

    3. It said “whole” before, actually. Whether they meant ‘whale’ or ‘hole’, we’ll never know.

    4. ^Yeah, maybe they wanted to play the portmanteau game, mixing whale and hole. And you all jumped on them, pity…

    5. You morons. Obviously they changed it to “whale” after the fact that I pointed it out, otherwise I think Kelta.Rose would have pointed it out because she goes out of her way to find anything to shit on me for. And trust me, I know how to read and spell.

    6. And just to prove my point, doing a search for “whale”, they have never used the tag “whale” to describe a fat person on EF before. But that trampoline certainly did get a hole in it, so the dipshit that posted this put the tag as “whole” instead because he obviously doesn’t know the difference. And after I went and pointed it out, he went and changes it because he knew that I was right and he wanted to cover it up and make it look like that he meant “whale” instead.
      Triple fail on this way.

    7. I’m tellin’ ya… you two are gonna hate-fuck one another before it’s over with. I’ve seen this too many times.

    8. Oh wow, so someone actually read and paid attention to what you said. Pretty cool I guess.

    9. I read everything, Gren. Especially your retarded, yet boner erecting shit. I want to do you in every position possible! I want your email, so’s I can send you my GREN BONER pics!

    10. Don’t give me your email here, though. I have a more secure way that we can share naked pics of one another and not have the Feds bashing down our doors.

    11. I… Erm… After this magnificient yet disturbing outburst, that’s kind of embarrassing, but I have to be honest with you… I… Wasn’t talking to you. But, erm, well, anyway, thank you.

    12. PS: I agree, we don’t want the Feds bashing down the door, but I wouldn’t mind the Fred bashing on my door. Bashing in? Into? Ooh, prepositions…

    13. Well, if I keep on sippin’ this lemonade mixed with copious amounts of George Dickel, I may splurge on a plane ticket and bash your cervix in, you little minx.
      Oh, fuck!
      I love you, Gren!
      I need you, Grenola, Grenoly,…WTFs your name again?

    14. EH! Deadly Cocksucker,you put a “hole” lot of time into looking like a fucking WANKER!!!
      You’re a rat caught in a corner and ya ain’t likeing it are ya!!

    15. do you have such a tiny dick that you have to prove yourself right to a bunch of internet procrastinators?

    16. Draggincuntoff is a femalian that seems in need of some batin’ foreplay material. How can we serve you, Draggincuntabout?

    17. Can we all just meet up and have delicious sex with each other?? It will be fun and rewarding, the reward being HIV

    1. No one tell him that taking a blow dryer to his baby dick isn’t really a “blow-job” okay? I’m just doing my part to help people with special needs…

    2. @WhatTheFail. Kelta.Rose never charge me anything… When KELTA Suck my Cock all 9 inch of HARD MEAT… KELTA SWALLOW all 9 inch right down to my balls…. When I’m ready to CUM in her mouth……….

    3. I think you’ve got your units mixed up here, you either meant millimeters or 9 inch pussy

  2. Please, only one fat kid at a time, or else your trampolie will look like swiss cheese. This has been Think Dumbass by your side everyday to help you think more. Goodbye.

  3. Okay, she’s caught and can’t go no where, but I’m at a loss as to how to do her from underneath the damned thing.

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