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    1. He also opened parenthesis but never closed them…. IS THERE SUPPOSED TO BE MORE? WHERE’S THE REST OF THE INFO???

  1. How is this a FAIL?
    Everyone knows blacks are the number one carrier/spreader of STD’s in the country if not world.
    Seen the STD rates amongst these people lately?
    Thru the roof.

    1. Hey! I may be a carrier of most STDs, but you need to build up immunity to these things. And chicks love gentital warts. So, what’s the problem?

    2. That’s not true u fucking moron. The number one carriers are the Mexicans. And dont tell me no its not. I’m studying it and their are the number one so there ass hole…get your shit straight

    3. To ‘Dude Shut The Fuck Up’, why don’t you follow your own name and STFU. Stop blaming mexicans for being dirty and diseased. They are not the number one carriers or spreaders of anything. I’ve studied this information as well, and it is not mexicans or blacks…its racist white pieces of shit who desperately try to point the finger at others to keep people from looking at themselves.

    1. I might have low morrals but I’d tap that all night. Also I have herpes so bareback is totaly an option. Thanks you poster for info next time leave a number!

    2. Where’s spelling nazis now ? Wezza plezza needza nowza!

    3. 2lolo probably put that sign up, sounds like the reason kelta not give 2lolo blow job anymore

  2. Wait…soooo he didn’t realize something was wrong when he went down on her? lol that’s sad. and that’s a bad picture of her. just sad.

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