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    1. woah. talk about creepy exploitation of your own child. isn’t the parent that recorded this worried about pedophiles getting off to this?? wtf?? having your 5 yr old kid flex without a shirt on. shame on this parent.

    1. You will probably continue to grow fat and your strong bones are nicely supported by your chair, fatass

    2. that’s a stupid statement he won’t grow cause his muscles, they are tighter than they have to be

    3. Exactly! So he is actually stunting his growth. Because he works his muscles while he is young, he will make them contract and, in turn, his muscles will hold his bones back from growing. He will be like me; a midget.
      It’s the same principle as with masturbation. Don’t ever masturbate and your genitals will be “normal”. If you masturbate, your shit will grow in retarded directions and may grow to massive proportions.
      Like girls shouldn’t masturbate because their clitorises will grow to magnificent proportions to their pelvises and guys have been conditioned to love itty-bitty clits. And guys love little non-existent clitorises. In fact, it’s best to just cut them off entirely. In fact, it’s just best if you all just cut your genitals off completely. Then it will make it easier for the One Percenters to get rid of the lot of you.
      The economy, really depends on you middle class and poor fuckers dying off so that a new and more dependable work force can come to the Uh.S and work and be brain washed, anyways. You fat fucks are really quite useless.
      Kids! Just say “NO” to masturbation. It will make you weird and out of “fashion”…and you’re gonna be fat and jobless soon anyways, which will give the politicians reason to finally give up on you.
      Best thing for the economy is to just give up. Commit suicide. The “nation” depends on it. We need you to do the patriotic thing and just give up. The One Percenters will drink a martini in your honor.

    4. Oh! And thank you all for nominating me “Fuckwit of the Year”. I really feel I deserve it. I’ve fuckin’ worked hard for it.

    5. I’m not sure I got everything right, but in susbtance, you mean that masturbation will cause an international mass suicide, right? Can I have my martini now?

    6. Fuck if I know. Let’s just you and I get together and drink copious amounts of martinis and see what happens. You in?

    7. In, and out, and in, and out… Sorry, my mind wandered a bit. Could we trade the martini for tequila? I’ll bring my inflatable swimming pool.

  1. what cool kid! his dad must be a hardass though, I say let the kid be a kid he can grow muscles if he wants to when he’s older. AND wtf was with the licking and was he trying to do a wink or was that a twitch?

  2. He rulez. Funny to see that while his motorskills obviously are superb, he has a problem with making a smooth wink πŸ˜‰
    I would hope that everyone stimulates their kids to train that way, would make for a lot stronger genepool than the one being grown now, in our insuline and sugar overdosed bodies.
    However, what is up with the “sexy” licking at the end? Some twisted form of childporn?

    1. also insuline and sugar are pretty much the same thing exept for the fact that insuline is a hormone and sugar trigers it

    2. HE!HE!HE! Somebody’s been taking biology classes, haven’t we?
      Please explain the difference between mitosis and…the other. I forget. Thanks.

    3. insulin and sugar are not “pretty much the same thing”. Insulin is what helps your body break down sugars so that the sugar levels in your blood stay within a normal target range.

  3. yea Fred, you can take our shit.. :> but that’s the only thing u can BUY πŸ˜€
    @2lolo, what buhy meant was that this kid is from Romania
    And for all those “PROUD americans” Just listen to LowKey Obama Natinon part1.. and stfu πŸ™‚

  4. Oh yeah Kid, but can you SIT STILL in front of a computer and eat potato chips and drink Coke for hours? No, I didn’t think so, so there.

  5. Awesome that little dude can pull off things like that but you can tell by his mannerisms that his shitty parents are behind the camera going “Ok wink. Wink. WINK FUCKER!!!!” “Ok, now do the tongue thing I taught you. Now Wink. WINK!!!! Now pick up the piece of wood. WINK AGAIN!!!! NOW!!!” Way to take cool talent and make him into a meathead.

    1. ^agreed. And if they could force him into sexuality before can even spell it correctly, and make him a pedo bait, that’d be great.

    1. BUDDY BOY! You’re warming up! I knew you’d come around and we’d become fast friends!
      Your old lady aint got no dirty panties you could send me, does she?

  6. damn that kid is strong. Good for him.

    but serious question: Was this made for NAMBLA?

    Reasons I ask:
    the slow pan with his shirt off
    the random winking
    the demonstration of how to lick wood

  7. this kid is crazy, it doesnt take alot to lift a kid up so its not really about the strenght but it is very impressive that he can hold those poses and do push ups in those poses. just saying strenght not so much balance off the charts.

  8. I saw this kid for almost an year from now. Extreme motor skills, bot too young.
    Ohh yeah the father is an idiot that pushes him and his brother to pull these “stunts”.

  9. I don’t see a win here, it’s more a parenting fail. Sure development won’t be as crippled as some people try to state but it will be hindered. Especially the joints of this kid will give in pretty soon.

    So really i think this dad is as stupid as the one who thinks training would effect the genes in any way and the other one who thinks a display of common knowledge is a sign of taking biology classes.

  10. yeah this kid is screwed, he will have serious growth problems. I can’t believe their family doctor hasn’t called the police and had the kid taken away by the state and the parents charged with child abuse. You aren’t supposed to work out to that extent until you are out of high school, never mind at his young age.

    1. they need to send this kid to a get fat camp lol
      poor kid ain’t gonna live to see old age too much of a good thing is just as bad as to much of a bad thing I see a heart attack in his future

  11. Amazing. Most be from a family that does tumbling or acrobatics. I pray this wasn’t taken at some Catholic church somewhere. You know how they are about young boys.

  12. Did anyone else notice the creepy winking and licking the boy did towards the camera? I feel a bit grossed out.

  13. Everyone saying the kid is working out too much is an idiot. He’s got a condition that makes him stronger than usual; and he’s not the only case of this. You’re all bitching on the internet, why not try looking it up?

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