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    1. You couldn’t get a chance with Kelta, it she was in a hospital bed on anestia and no one was around

    2. Yes, “DeadlyShit” we all know your a ragging homo that got hate fucked by his daddy.

    3. See, the thing is, I would want an applause until after I kill her. So maybe screams of tortured souls might work us up to a nice climax.

      Maybe even playing “House of a Thousand Corpses” might be good too.

      I also enjoy the sounds of bodies going through wood chippers.

    4. @WhatTheFail- I seriously laughed till I cried at your comment. Thank you!
      @Deadlycocksucker- You’re so thoughtful to think of me. I still don’t care for you though.

    5. Funny, the only thing that I laughed at with WhatTheFail had to say was the fact that he doesn’t know how the fuck to spell anesthesia, and he wrote “it” instead of “if”.
      But I think the best way for me to hate fuck Kelta.Rose would be if I was raping her up the ass with a fist full of barb wire and she was begging for me to just end her pitiful life.

    6. LOL. I’m sure it would make her look a hell of a lot better. Now, do you have any ideas on how to cover up the smell of her rotting crotch? I was told that even the maggots will puke over the scent of it, that her dildos go limp, and even her uncle won’t molest her anymore because of how poorly she cares for her body.

    7. In my defense, it’s hard to care for a vagina that is rotting off. Going zombie wasn’t a choice but I live with it. You go right on ahead and do what you have to do, but just a warning, I bite.

    8. You bite. Well then hell yeah!!! I’m all in then. Maybe we can turn a corner (or coroner) here.
      I love you Kelta.Rose. You are my dream girl.

    9. Kelta.Rose, Oh Kelta.Rose
      How I want to tear off your clothes
      I shall pick you up and throw you down
      And on the bed I will leave you bound
      I know how you love whips and latex
      And all those kinds of kinky sex
      I love the way you look at me deep in my eyes
      And the pain you feel when I slap your thighs
      Girl, you know how to make me proud
      Scratching my back as you scream out loud
      As I leave all broken and sore
      I will always remember you as my little whore
      Kelta.Rose, Oh Kelta.Rose
      Will you please swallow my load?

    10. ^^^^^
      I just ate a whole baby, and as a zombie I can’t even regurgitate it for effect, damn it!

  1. he stole that joke. Saw it on ¤last comic comic standing¤ years ago. British nerd, Matt-something, told it.

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