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    1. YES FRED, You are a DIRTY Person….. Dressing as a DRAG QUEEN every night…. To sell your ass……

    2. The guy commenting above the guy commenting above the guy commenting above this guy is a faggot^^^^

    1. Mmm, how would you do that? I thought of surgical contraception, hysterectomy and vasectomy, by the removal of the cartridge inside, but abortion…

    1. Doesn’t fred do they every night with you, oh damn forgot, 2lolo has baby dick, not donkey dick

    1. Yeah, Fred has the original free candy van from the 70’s, I just improvised because my baking is legendary…

  1. Now i can see why todays kids are so screwed up….learning sex from a pen display and the comments certainly show how screwed up they are.

    Win my a$$….Epic Fail if i ever saw one!

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