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  1. dude, IF there is ever a reason for Suicide, or just a public hanging, its him! UGGG make HUMANITY look really bad!

    1. So, you think that he makes “humanity” look bad? I think that would be YOU since you are suggesting that he should go and kill himself. At least he’s putting himself out there. You’re probably a 35 year old man living in your Mom’s basement.

    2. I rather live in my moms basement than to be that much of a dork. If that makes me a bad person than soooo be it!

    1. My……. Eyes…….They Hurt.

      I Cut Off When He Said “So Thats A Plus For You”


  2. So, he’s looking for a tall, slightly tanned model-type non-hairy girl with big boobs, a hot body and fat blow-job lips who likes cats, has a fetish for vampires, enjoys cooking for fat slobs who think they have black Justin Bieber type hair and desperately needs ‘the love of a woman’… SOUNDS LEGIT !!

    …Are.. you.. fucking.. serious!?

  3. i think he’s a fan of justin bieber, and, seriously, he has a horrible body, you can see it from the sholders, and i think his cat is more intelligent than this gay retarded

  4. Have you guy seen his super cool music video? It’s probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. And i do think he’s just trolling for the sake of being hilarious.

  5. Know of people like this..Met people like this…
    He will learn, to take ANYTHING that will swing his way.

  6. wtf is wrong with you let me go down my list um
    u dont know what a hermaphidite is
    mr whiskers
    your body
    u want bj lips
    no hairy girls (if u want a girl take em as they come and dont judge em)
    there is so many and i hope u read this dude if u r one im
    not judging except for the list
    so bye


    1. dont text this number im a retired first class drill seargent and i dont have time for yalls games. if u kids keep texting this number ill turn u in to the police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Well I’m sure no one will text any more ’cause you’re a “first class drill seargent”. Kinda stupid to post your number here, don’t you think?

  8. i think this guy should be the next bacholar and then get his own talk show. and then get shot in the face with an atomic bomb.

  9. I am so sorry…I thought that my reply text to your “body” shots would have been enough for you to know….as most people cannot put their penis in their own vagina. Fuck you i’ll just fuck myself….bye bye butt boy…

  10. YOURE UGLY!!!!!!!! YOU ARE NEVER GONNA GET A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!! GET A LIFEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lol homosexual or atheism, whatever
    this is a cute little kid, he needs some desperate guidance

  12. its funny you think someone wants to give you a BJ!!!!!!!!!! your the ugliest faget ive ever seen you want some advice:dont tell people you like vampires quit being so judgy there you go i hope you read this

  13. When you look like you have been hit with a sack of “what the fuck” and sound like a hermaphodite yourself, being picky = 40 yr old virgin….

  14. damn…it makes me beat the crap out of him.
    But i guess its enough punishment that everyone is laughing and emotionally torturing this idiot.
    well, since this is viewed worlwide he’s probably wishing the hermafrodite back.

  15. Sad thing for him is, a girl like me who almost matches that description with the exception of being a vampire girl, tanned, and being tall, is that I would rather fuck Mr. Whiskers than him any day.

  16. Where the hell is this kid’s parents? its so pathetic i can’t even make the interbreeding comments i wanted to

  17. How can u say ur desperate 4 a woman, but ur standards r so xtreme and u judge others. i for one wont consider, and i dont even meet the requirements. FYI racist 4 sayin Haitians arent attractive.

  18. this guy needs to smoke a joint and get a blow up doll cuz i dont think any girls would be attracted t his justin bieber hair and his gorgeous teeth and the tounge part tht fuckin disgusting

  19. wow, ok one, is skin is not that clear you can see a few bumps, two…it sounds more like hes looking for a plastic playboy bunny, i get that everyone has different taste in men and woman i do, i really do but this…this was just nuts, and how the hell does one above the age of 14 not know what a hermaphrodite is and how would they even assume its atheist related…….i guess these are the reasons as to why this is an EPIC FAIL video……

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