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    1. Oh, cute! Let’s change the name of the site to, and we’ll all get pink avatars (like the guy above) and instead of constantly ripping on each other, we’ll say nice things to each other, and we’ll only make cute, positive comments instead of the vile, offensive ones we’re all used to!

    2. Yeah, let’s do that! We can have a party where we all drink my special Koolade! Here 2lolo, you first… Tell me, does it taste like cyanide?

    3. DEAR Kelta.Rose, Your pussy Taste better… How does my CUM Taste…. You always SWALLOWING IT……..

    4. Ahaha the last step in the machiavelic plan to take over the ultimate troll. Confuse everyone about who’s the fake. Brilliant. Or am I just confused? Dammit!

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