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  1. Hey idiot SMOKING caused you to have your baby 12 weeks early. I bet she was happy she didn’t gain a lot of weight too.. Really needs to be sterilized.

  2. Congratulations, ladies, for being able to completely deny sound scientific facts from the last few decades concerning the welfare of your children. Well done, drink yourself stupid!

  3. As smoking is bad for unborn babies i do hate the misconception that smoking will effect the babies lungs. Babies dont breath while they are in the womb. Low birth weight jaundice and maybe some nic fits are actually the only big effects.

    1. it stunts the development of the lungs as well as the rest of the body and it raises the mothers blood pressure and heart rate…it also can cause premature birth

  4. I say stick them both through woodchippers while they are still alive. Then give their children to people who want children but cannot have any of their own.

  5. Loser…. I am sure that this woman is having her child birth paid for on my dime, along with a nice cozy Section 8 apartment while her loser boyfriend is out cheating on her knocking up another loser. I love the part about the baby being born 12 weeks early but it’s fine. I bet we paid for all of the that kids premature medical bills. Unbelievable what kind of scum we have living in this country.

    1. ^^ Seriously, you two are so stupid, I’m not even going to try to explain what’s wrong with these statements.

    1. Yeah, is that because the baby isn’t living? I’m not a doctor, but I’m fairly certain all living people need oxygen.

    2. oxygen as in pure oxygen as in an oxygen tank/tent like they typically use with premature births.

  6. Interesting factoid: On average, premature babies of mothers who smoke have a better prognosis than premature babies of non-smokers.

    So smoking is good for babies, right? No, it just means smoking hurts them less than many other things that could make them premature.

    Moral: Use statistics responsibly.

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