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    1. Know it means he was a white cracker who’s pecker is only long enough to be mistaken for an enlarged clit. Reminds me of the stories your mom use to tell me about you. She use to say it was So small it was almost cute.

    2. OK do you guys ever read what is actually written??? There is the “mate” that should be a dead give away … usually ppl in Australia call others “mate”!!! BUT here’s what I found: The term bogan is Australian and New Zealand slang, usually pejorative or self-deprecating, for an individual who is recognized to be from an unsophisticated background or someone whose limited education, speech, clothing, attitude and behavior exemplifies a lack of manners and education.[1] While bogan is widely recognized, localized names exist that describe the same or very similar groups of people

  1. You mean:
    “No” not “know”.
    “Whose” not “who’s”
    “Used” not “use” (Both times)

    No capital S on “so”

    I thought Papa Smurf was smart.

    1. Because violence is always the best solution and using your brains to solve the problem fast and efficiently is just retarded.

  2. lol haven’t any of you ever seen ‘Enter the Dragon’? It’s the art of fighting without fighting! Bruce Lee is this guy’s hero lol

    1. stupid wrighter? look who’s talking, learn to spell writer, the hero in this novel did a great thing, stopping the guy without resorting to violence, and making the guy look stupid, who then probably got more mad and did something else stupid and got in trouble for it.

  3. If that was in the UK and the guy was Real with that kinda fuck you attitude he would have chased the bus to the next stop,I call made up..

  4. Why miss out on a chance to kick a crackheads ass? Was there no one on the bus with an I.Q. above room tempurater?

    1. If you were there I am pretty sure the entire bus would have been dumber for the experience. Why would anyone WANT to get into a fight when a situation can be resolved with a little intelligence? You are the reason half the human race has started to devolve.

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