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  1. I think we need photos of Linnie’s wife, Luann, and Vivian, so we can further assess this situation. Preferably in bikinis.

    1. His “devoted” wife probably calls shoving his mother in a nursing home “taking care” of her. And anybody that goes to this kind of extremes is on the losing end, anyways. This “devoted” bitch has been, is, and will be nothing but a problem to everyone around her, including herself.

    2. No, fifi, It’s all written down weeks in advance. Then I just type iit in. Even this response to you. And where do you get your sweet comments from?

    1. Gotta admit, church is a great place to pick up chicks. Had one play with my dick in church one time. Just not desperate enough to go to church, though.

  2. I don’t get how this is revenge. It’s already humiliating enough to be cheated on, and behind the hypocritical masks of sympathy and self-indignation, the wife always end up being responsible in some way for her husband’s fault, in the wise folks’ opinion.

    I’d hang his balls on my doorknob. Now that’s revenge.

    1. I’d pay an AIDS infested hooker for her blood and then inject him while he’s sleeping. That’s revenge.

    2. from a man to the women its the mans fault for wavering in the first place none of the humiliation is on the woman. I wouldnt becuz I’ve been on her side and I might aswell have been married :/

    3. I’ll, at least, have to give you ladies credit for coming up with something better than a sign. Signs tend to reflect rather than emit, IMO.

    4. That was very well put Fred. Do you give me your permission to use it in the future?

      I love ready-to-use deep sentences.

    5. I got something other than a sentence that is ready-to-use deep! And you have my permission to use it, too, Gren!

    6. How is it humiliating to be cheated on, you dumb fuck? The only person who should be humiliated is the cheater. I guess you also think it is humiliating to get mugged?

    7. Sounds like you should post a sign in your front yard, fifi. Take responsibility for your own fuckups. If you marry a douchebag, then you’re at fault. If he cheats on you, then it’s your fault. If you don’t divorce him, shut the fuck up, and get on with your life, then it’s your fault. Now, how am I wrong in this matter, fifi?

    8. It’s humiliating because it implies in some insidious way that you were not enough for him/her, not good enough, not loved enough. Or that you were weak enough to let it happen. Or stupid enough to not see. I could go on four hours. And if by miracle you don’t feel that way, people around you will. “Yes it’s terrible he cheated on her, but she’s not very feminine, is she?” “Yes she’s a bitch, but he doesn’t have the balls to control her, does he?”
      Oh, but I’m a dumb fuck, what do I know?

    9. Well, I am being a chauvinist here, jokingly, but I really don’t see what a sign does but make the person that posts it look foolish. I’m sorry, but what good does it do?

    10. I agree 100% with Grenouille. And you’re not a dumb fuck sweetie, you’re the most intelligent of the fucks!

    11. so if we pulled fifi’s pants down in public, it would only be humiliating us and not her. that’s what I choose to learn from all of this.

    12. If we pulled fifi’s pants down I would be totally humiliated. But I’d probably enjoy the hell out of it.

    1. It was HIS mother, jackass. I feel sorry for you, since you cannot even read, let alone get pussy.

    2. yeah, thats kind of what fury was saying…in HIS mind it was “my mommy is sick so i deserve to go out a cheat”

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