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    1. @ Yessiry i would have to use the force to find some thing that small… but then again i don’t have the to do that..

    1. Almost but wrong color….. Are you sure your not color blind? Cuz lastnight when I told you to grab the green towel to wipe your face, you grabbed one of your old maxi pad… I just didn’t have the courage to tell ya till now.

  1. Too funny! The NCAA just forced the University of North Dakota (UND) to drop its ‘Fighting Sioux’ mascot for not being PC.

    Now the “little people” are going after Dickinson High School for their midget mascot.

    FUCK POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! Go Dickinson High School Midgets!

    (What’s next? Satan worshippers are going to get up-in-arms about Bismarck High School’s mascot, the Demons?!?!)

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