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    1. I Agree Heather! I love Epic Fail and watching drunk people do stupid things does amuse me however making fun of someone who struggles just to walk down the street is just not right…Just Horrible!

    2. she actually isn’t “disabled” she was a women who ended up having an adverse reaction to a flu shot, but I agree its fuc#&d up that they are making fun of her, the woman can only walk normally if he walks backwards. I had heard stories that she was possibly faking, but idk for sure

    3. That woman said that when she walked forward, she walked all weird and stuff but when she walked backward she can walk/talk normally. Sounds fake right?? It’s because it was. It was all a hoax for money and fame…. >.> If this video was made recently, they obviously know that it was.

    4. I don’t see any retarded people complaining heather… It is sick but some of us love sick humor. It’s only the ones without the physical problems complains… hahaha

    5. yeah so i am pretty sure i know that chick that was with the black dude and yeah i heard things about her too and yes she was faking duh

    6. Yo Fred – Oh my God. You are so outragous and your comments are like so shocking. The are the only person in the worl who would ever say something like that. Any how, what difference does it make to you? Your dick is so small she’d have to get out a magnifying glass to see it, lol. How do I know? Your Mom told me.

    1. I agree. This is so fucking stupid. Leave to my black people to act like asses. This girl can only walk normal when she walks backwards. I feel bad for her.

    2. ummmmm you guys are fuckin retards. she faked it for fame and money. the news kept a watch on her and found out she was faking it because off camera she was shopping and hanging out with friends walking straight and normal.

  1. What hell was with the dude beating his pipe? and was the girl walking bye in the background in line to beat her pipe? WTF?

  2. Stupid fucking worthless n!ggers. I wish I could find these fuckers and I would break their wrists, and then their face, knees, and neck. I bet all their friends wouldn’t think it’s funny anymore if these n!ggers were left with brain damage, stuck in a wheelchair, and eating through a straw for the rest of their lives.

    1. Yes Kelta.Rose, I do need to get laid. The wife is on the rag and my GF is out of town this week. Maybe you can come over tonight and we can have our hate fuck.

      Yes 2lolo, it is hot as fuck around here. I can’t stand the heat, so hell’s going to be one shitty place for me. But I’ll piss of satan enough that he’ll kick me out.

    2. There is absolutely zero chance of me being satisfied by your needle dick, so there really isn’t a point is there?

    3. But I thought you liked pain, so my needle dick could poke, hurt, and pleasure you all at once.

      But I have to say, it’s the biggest needle out there.

    4. Hey deadlyfoez. Although I’m not too sure why you seem to think that being racist it’s ok, because it’s not,I do agree with you that it’s not appropriate to make fun of disabled people. It’s not funny, and because they’re not compassionate of others then God will not have any compassion on them.

    5. Mara, I feel disabled because I can’t get naked with you. Will you please pray for me to get naked with you? Thanks in advance of your prayers.

    6. Mara, go look up the definition of “n!gger”. One such definition is “an ignorant person”, hence why I said “these people are the epitome of ‘n!gger'” because they are obviously extremely ignorant. Not every usage of the word “n!gger” is for racist usages. So no, I am not saying being racist is any better, but I can tell you that I would rather be disabled than be one of these “n!ggers”.

    7. I told you I was 48, and you said that you hated old fucks like me. But I can have my Puerto Rican fantasies, can’t I?

    8. I’m having trouble finding n!gger in my dictionary, but you probably just Googled it since books are so out of date, huh Deadlycocksucker?

    9. And just so you know, the definition isn’t “An ignorant person”. All the definitions I can find both on and offline all say “noun; extremely offensive and disparaging; a black person; any member of a dark skinned people; a victim of prejudice such as suffered by blacks; a person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.”
      So, maybe you should quit making up definitions and pick up a book once in a while.

    10. that’s the definition racists try to backpedal with when they’re too embarrassed to own up to their own blatant racism. seen it before. always hilarious.

    11. Thats one of the definitions in my Merriam – Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition (c) 1993
      When I was trying to put in n!gger (obviously with an ‘i’ instead), my post wasn’t getting put up so I started using the exclamation mark as a replacement for the ‘i’.

    12. from
      2. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive . a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.

    13. So Kelta.Rose, I guess you really don’t know how to search very well because I had found that definition on my first try when I googled “an ignorant person n!gger”, without quotes, and it was the very first search result. Fucking idiot.
      Oh, and obviously I didn’t google “n!gger”, I had used the letter “i” instead of the exclamation mark.

    14. but…that says right there that it’s related to race. so you just kinda proved yourself wrong.

    15. and the reason it’s not in any dictionaries past the 90s as “ignorant, but totally not in a racial way” is that it’s not a valid definition anymore. wah wah.

    16. Really deadly? Look up the definition of sarcasm. And then because you got angry and went on an ignorant rant look up the definition of irony because you’re acting just like an ignorant n!gger.

    17. and alternatively, even if he really believed what he was saying, that would just go to show how ignorant and socially inept he is that he just innocently felt it was a perfectly fine way to simply say “ignorant”.

      but he’ll still come out of this thinking he “won” and PROVED us all to be inferior. oh welllllllll

    18. “butโ€ฆthat says right there that itโ€™s related to race. so you just kinda proved yourself wrong.”
      Are you fucking stupid. It says “of any race”, which means that it is obviously not race specific, so it does not have to do with race at all when, at least by that definition. Fucking RippyMcFails.
      Kelta.Rose, your just mad because I proved you wrong so now you’re trying to back pedal out of looking like an ignorant cunt.

    19. There you go again, you have nothing left to argue, no valid points and are on the verge on not making any sense so you resort to calling me a cunt and whore like you always do. So, that signals another loss on your part…

    20. Uh…You two realize I’m masturbating to this conversation, no?
      Ha! Not really. I am masturbating, though. But it’s to a Leanni Lei porn flick I have on the tube. Little bitch is so hot!

    21. as long as you’re comfortable with the fact that Deadly is also furiously masturbating through all of this. “unnghhgh god I’m so smurttttttttt!”

    22. even as he’s showing us his lack of understanding of the english language he’s still beating himself off over all this. all in defense of a poor white girl that isn’t even really sick. god he’s so cool and intelligent.

    23. You are right that I have nothing left to argue, but thats only because all of my points were valid, I was right and I proved it. Can you please not continue to fail so much?

    24. What delusions you suffer from! Ha! I’m kinda jealous because I’m subject to reality while you get to see and believe whatever you want…

    25. that’s how all the most intelligent people define proof. if you post something on the internet with no valid source and refuse to back down or listen to reason = PROOF! that’s probably how they figured out the whole higgs boson thing.

    26. RippyMcFails, once again you fail. This song is about making fun of mentally handicapped people. I don’t know why these stupid n!ggers put her video clip in when she was faking a disorder. I’m defending the mentally handicapped people, not the girl. You’re such a dipshit.

    27. And RippyMcFails, I did post the source of where I found the definition. How dumb are you?

    28. hey guess what I just picked up my 1985 15th edition of The Encyclopedia Brittanica and under DeadlyFoez it has a picture of a black man and the definition “sad little pseudo-intelligent boy who jerks off to Mario”. you can’t dispute it because I just proved it with PROOFS.

    29. RippyMcShitForBrains, I also had said that I found the definition on
      And I had even posted the exact definition that they have on that website.
      Learn to fucking read you stupid fucking piece of n!gger shit.
      Way to make yourself look like the biggest fucking moron on this site.

    30. but you will just miss my point entirely and just get all butthurt and call me dumb again because you are just so fucking predictable and easy. don’t ever change.

    31. oh you mean the 2nd definition that proved you wrong, but you’re too brain damaged to see it? yeah I remember. you’re lucky you seem to be immune to shame, because oh boy would a person as intelligent as you pretend to be be embarrassed right now.

    32. Here you go with back pedaling again to not make yourself look like so much of a dumb ass. Did your mother drink a lot while she was pregnant? You really seem like you must be a FAS child.

    33. Rippy, that is exactly the reason why I choose to fuck with Deadlycocksucker. He is so fucking easy to piss off, and he’s the type of ignorant fuck who loses rational thought when they get angry. It’s fantastic!

    34. how am I back pedaling? I still rather firmly believe that you’re a chest thumping drooling idiot that thinks that posts on the internet are proof. nothing’s changed about that. or do you not actually know what back pedaling means?

    35. Rippy, do the world a favor and kill yourself. We don’t need any of your spawn floating in this world either. Apparently you are so dumb that you think that the definition that I posted proved me wrong, when in fact it proved me right. Once again you are failing to read.
      I had even said earlier that “n!gger” is not always for racist usage. And the only reason why in that definition that I posted that it says “of any race” is to say that this definition does not imply specifically to black people, but that you can call anyone a “n!gger” and it still be proper use because that definition has nothing to do with race at all. Seriously, get your head out of your ass.

    36. Yes I do in fact know what “back pedaling” means. It means to go back on your words, to retract your statement, or to cover up your mistake with something else as to make it look intentional.

    37. oh I see. so when YOU brought up something earlier in the discussion. that was really ME going back. of course.

      look, I understand perfectly well what you mean. it’s just that you’re still wrong. you have it backwards. “of any race” does not at all imply that it’s not racial. it implies that it IS racial. it’s a term that is applied TO A RACE.

      here think of it this way. when you look up the word ignorant or any other adjective in the dictionary, does it say “of any race” next to it? no? you mean all the other adjectives don’t have bits explaining about how they’re not racial? how odd. even more odd is that you think that the people writing dictionaries are so incredibly ignorant that they don’t know the very specific racial connotations of the N word. that is fucking laughable.

      I know you aren’t going to understand any of this and that even if I brought an english major to your house to explain this to you you would refuse to accept it because that’s the way your people’s brains work, but I figured I’d go ahead and tell you anyway because I’m bored and if I said I didn’t want to waste my time pointlessly explaining it to you, you’d just say something really clever like “AHA SO YOU IS TOO DUMB TO READ AND KNOW STUFF! I SHOWED YOU HOW DUMB YOU ARE YOU BIG DUMB! LET ME KEEP SHOWING YOU HOW SMART I CAN PROOF THINGS BY JUST CALLING YOU A DUMB BLACK MAN OVER AND OVER AGAIN! and etc etc.

      oh who am I kidding, you’re just going to say that anyway because really what else do you have to offer?

    38. Bwahahaha! I’m calling Rippy as winner of this awesome fail of a conversation. You’re truly awesome man. Love it!

    39. Rippy, the only reason why it says “of any race” is because most everyone thinks that “n!gger” is just a racial for blacks. Everyone automatically assumes that if you say “n!gger” then you are talking about a black person, so they put that in there to clarify that it is not racial.
      You really do lose on this one.

    40. of course. everyone else on the planet is just completely wrong about the history and specific racial implications of the word and you and your out of date dictionary are totally right. that sounds much more believable than you being too much of a pussy to admit to random strangers on the internet that you’re racist. MY BAD.

      on the plus side, I think I just won 50 more Kelta dollars.

    41. Wow, you guys have gone so far off topic. I had to refresh the page when I got to the end of this pissing match and there was a handful of new posts already.
      Rippy, concede on this one. Deadly was right and he made it clear and you have continued to make a fool of yourself.
      Deadly, we all know that you meant it in a racist way, just admit it and move on already. You can’t let these stupid things get to you.

    42. Once again you fail to read. When did I ever deny being a racist? I only clarified that the word “n!gger” has a definition that is not specific to only black people.

    43. yet you when someone accused you of being racist you felt the need to argue for hours about how you weren’t being racist because it wasn’t a racist word. well. you sure showed them.

    44. I’m sure retards everywhere will be thrilled to have you defending them from now on (but not the black ones I guess).

    45. Is it over already? Come on! Where is the blood? The crushed intestines? The half-hanging eye? The lacerated bladder? Not even a broken nail?

    46. Have you guys read about that study that shows racists to have lower IQs than non-racists? I’m not making this up.

    47. My myopia has gone worse lately, I need to learn how to read in Braille, and the lingerie (inter)course seem appropriate. May I tag along?

    48. dear Peter, your post must have been awaiting moderation, as it did not appear until much much later, so I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you. let me do so now! thanks for the feedback Pete, but you can go fuck yourself with a plastic horse dildo until you die. have a nice day.

    49. Rippy, “peter” was awaiting moderation because it was actually Deadly creating a new user to agree with himself.

      Of course, I could be wrong.

      But I’m not.

    50. that’s what I thought for a second, but then why would he admit that he was wrong at the same time? I don’t think he’s physically capable of that.

    51. You all look pathetic. I looked through the conversation and laughed my ass off. Fucking pointless. Morons.

    1. and wonderfully scary…That Arte thing, I think … Im not going to see europeans the same way now, they’re all mentally disturbed , somehow.

    2. Yes, This might be one of the top 10 greatest moments of all the internet…wonderfully offensive indeed!

    1. So have the beast, called White people in the background “gyettin ryetardad” along with the Supreme natural black guy/girl. Only difference, the blacks have rhythm.

  3. Hope every person in the video ends up with some slobbering brain dead retarded children so they can sing that song to them.

  4. It comes so naturally for them. hmmmm could they be retarded too? Offensive is not a strong enough word for what they have done. What goes around comes around…Karma is a bitch. I hope they get theirs sooner than later!

    1. next thing we know, they will be eating each others faces off like a zombie! Everybody hates Mondays!

    2. Liz, you don’t have a sense of humor and it sounds like you maybe a little retarded to not get the humor. They didn’t take it far enough to be mean about it……

    3. well…its not that Im offended or have no sense of humor…its that the black people dont like it being done to them so they retaliate and put down people who dont know how to fight back…that makes these black people weak…whites have always been and will always be superior to them. “Get back on the banana boat”

    4. Don’t know how to fight back? Think mice of men, the tard just needed to hug to get of his “attackers” . Liz does it the Pansy way whine and complain then post everything on Facebook about how unfair her life is.

    1. upon suspicion she suddenly ended up “cured” of her medically incurable condition by a doctor of “alternative medicine” with a revoked license. you could easily google this with your mad haxoring skills if it weren’t so inconvenient to your big “ignorant” rant. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. thats not funny cuz if u was brain damaged and people was macking fun of u i dont think it would be so funny to u now would it no

  6. She actually has a really rare condition called “distonia” its really unfortunate and she developed this after getting a flu shot. she actually has zero brain defect shes completely normal, but has no control over her muscles. its non curable as they dont know how or why it develops. its really too bad and can happen to any of us. everyone is free to react how they want i suppose, but i would think twice before laughing and mocking…karma is a b*tch

    1. yeah actually she doesn’t, because she magically doesn’t have it anymore. a new age doctor magically healed her INCURABLE disease. look it up then think twice yourself.

  7. I agree with Michael making fun of handicap is stupid and wrong but is funnying seeing drunk or just plain stupid people do stupid things

  8. To the people who got all offended by them making fun of mentally disabled people….IF you haven’t got a sense of humor then why come to this site? i thought it was funny

  9. @deadly douche. Thats still a racist term. The per who created the dumbass definition a racist just like u. P.s. im doing your mom

  10. just remember everyone who thinks this is funny you will have kids one day if you don’t already have any and what if your kids came out with a disability you would not want any one making fun of them just think about how they feel by you laughing at them just because there different dose not mean there not human ):

  11. you know if people actually watched the interview about her she used to be cheerleader and one day she woke up and couldnt walk forward but she can walk backwards just fine. Its a condition that she has and a few people have it…and for people to ACTUALLY make fun of her? she isnt retarded…its actually sad that people could make a video on it

  12. and for the people who said dont come to this site if youre going to be offended. I’m pretty sure they post a lot of things with people just being stupid…not people with conditions so maybe think before you start attacking people that are offended people making fun of her.

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