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    1. Then I’m a terrible friend, I’v encouraged people to do WAY worse while they were drunk.

    2. You can be my friend — there’s not much that I wouldn’t try — once. As long as its not MOUTH2ASS with 2homo…

    3. That’s kinda the reason to get your friends drunk, to get them to do really stupid stuff, so you can sit back and laugh at them…

    4. Hahaha I’m glad my mud flaps are still entertaining. 2lolo hang a rope around your neck and go to the nearest tree and then, well you know what comes next. Get to work.

  1. I’m glad the guy with the camera had comedic sense enough to not show what the hurdle would be, that made it a lot funnier to me.

  2. That was highlarious just wish I coulda watched that in person but that friend was a jerk but made an awesome show for us all

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