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  1. I’m first but i could give a rats ass about feeling good about it, like all the rest of you lonely lard bastards

  2. dinner will be ready at 7? not I’m ordering Pizza what topping would you like !!!! these made up phone text mistake things are getting worse – I sent one to me old grandma – I was supposed to say – Happy 90th birthday granny ( she has an iPhone -she’s bit of a hipster ) –

    But it came out – Fucking Die cunt bitch, whore cunt – Damn predictive text

  3. Who in their right mind puts sausage on a pizza? well okay, salami is a type of sausage too. But I guess if she meant Salami she would’ve written SALAMI. Damn asshole mum. Shove a sausage down her fuckface. Who even posts this bullshit?

    1. I’m really confused by this comment because, aside from pepperoni, sausage is by far the most popular pizza topping. It’s like saying,”who in their right mind puts ketchup on French fries?” I’m guessing you’re not from the US, but here in the states, It’s unheard of for a pizza place NOT to offer sausage as a topping.

    2. Thanks 2lolo, I appreciate not only your kindness but also your astuteness.
      Oh yes and corn flakes are made of maize.

      But btw I think I already stated several times that I’m not American.

    3. so have you figured out yet that people aren’t actually sticking full link sausages on there yet?

    4. Asteadyrain, you must be a retard. Pepperoni IS a sausage you stupid person. You! are the reason people think Americans are ignorant.

    5. Umm, poopr….Apparently you read the beginning of my comment but gave up at some point. I clearly indicated that the “asshole country” I live in is the US.

    6. I believe “sausage” as a pizza topping typically refers to spiced ground meat, equivalent to the inside of a sausage, they don’t actually use a casing. Does that make more sense?

    7. @asteadyrain:

      Yes, your assumption is correct. And I’m actually sorry… Geez, what’s happening… I guess I’ve been without porn and violence for far too long…

  4. I don’t understand why Jessica B. doesn’t just come right out and say she desperately wants some cock instead of posting these silly fake text mesages.

    1. Well, thanks, poopr! I’ve studied at various elite websites such as efukt, Heavy-R, and YNC. Don’t got my English degree. I’m speaking much more gooder, though.

    2. Oh I love efukt! And the YNC is fine if you have a REALLY shitty day and just want to see some people get blown up, hacked to pieces or raped in the ass…

    1. I’m surprised Uhmericans don’t put M&Ms. You can’t buy anything to eat here without it’s got sugar in it. KFC puts sugar and/or cornsyrup in all their shit. All canned corn in the Uh.S. has sugar added. Fuckin’ nasty!

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