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  1. dont u guy’s realise this is photoshopped? his shadow is way to dark on certain places and the chair’s leg is bent and his abs and chest is out of focus!

    1. By the looks of it, this is a major “I’m to stupid to realize what I have is pretty descent” fail.

  2. This is clearly photoshopped. The chest and arm color don’t match the color of the rest of his body, not to mention the blurs on his right arm.

  3. No that isn’t PhotoShop, it is steroids in the hands of a child who is ignorant to the proper way of using them.

    1. I keep trying to get Kelta to send me a pic of her vadge so I can photoshop it, but she keeps procrastinating. I don’t understand these women today. I’m only gonna twist it up and make it look like a pink rose, but whatever.

  4. If this was real he wld not hunched over. His chest wld be sticking out. Thats just what happens when guys r built

  5. To get to this point isn’t hard I know a lot of people who are on roids’ who definitely end up somewhat like this.

    Whether or not the kid is actually are on roids and this is photoshopped is one thing, while to get here, it is relatively easy if you know how to cycle some roids in with a perfect diet, I am guessing less than 1 years of work, you’ll look almost like him…

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