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    1. You guys are fuckin faggots. It’s a fucking cactus you moron. No he doesn’t want to get fucked in the ass with a fuckin dildo you cunt holes. Fuckin sick minded cock stains!!

    1. I don’t understand why pussy-faced boys like to keep repeating this “do humanity a favor” bullshit. It’s exactly like the pansy-assed comment, “get a life”. Only antisocial fuckwits that attempt to make people think they are superior to everyone else, when in fact, they are the true social outcasts that nobody likes, say those foolish little cliches.
      Be a man Jimbo. Grow the fuck up and say something manly, like, “Fuck you, motherfucker!” It’s easier to say than that cuntish, yuppie fucking, “do humanity a favor go and load a hand gun put the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger” shit, too.

    2. I have a better idea, Fred. Why don’t you do humanity a favor, load a hand gun, put it in jimmy’s mouth and paint the walls of his mom’s basement with gray matter.

    3. That’s a damned good idea. And while I’m at it I think I should take out all the fuckwits that think the Jimster is “doing humanity a favor” with all his candy-assed quips. That should cover his bitch of a mom and a brain damaged cat. I think that covers them all.

    4. Ah, fuck the whales. Saving those worthless fucks is so last year. Beef is high. Let’s eat those fuckers.

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