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  1. Their reaction in the car cracked me up

    “What do I say to my grandparents, we were mooning McDonalds and the door fell off”

    “Where is it?”

    “Y’I don’t know”

  2. If I ever accidentally father a child, I’m going to drown it in a bag in my backyard before it becomes a teenager.

    1. The upside to being a parent today is that you never have to wonder what your children are up to, it’s on the web.

    2. Sure, but make sure you get a video recording so that you can watch it over and over…while you ‘bate.

  3. This is what they will tell their parents “Oh my gosh like like like like like like there was like a like like like like like like black guy and he like like like like like like took it like oh my gosh like its Obama’s fault, like we were like at church”…then grand wizard will blame the liberals,Obama and the Democrats… that’s a fact

    1. Rich Republican kids never get drafted, even when there is a draft. But, of course, your history books never mention that shit.

  4. A bunch of retards like those used to come every few days at the drive-through. Every time, they’d open the windows, laugh like donkeys and show us their dick or butt. Difference with those cowards is that they waited for their order, still agitating their genitals and butt under our nose. Every time. Until the manager got pissed enough to allow us to reply.
    The sauce guns are quite powerful if you didn’t know.
    And the coffee is hot.

    1. And here I thought I could ramble with impunity.
      When the circumstances were up to it, we used to press very violently on the “cans” of sauce to make them either explode (for newbies) or squirt. We called them “sauce guns”, and the spurt is more powerful than what you’d thought. Happy?

  5. mooning? pshaw. back in my day we knew how to car troll. you gotta leave a mark. like with eggs. or old pizzas. or stuff. just showing your butt isn’t going to ruin anyone’s day.

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