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    1. YAY.. we have a “1st post loser” lol y’know, only losers post just to say they are 1st. you’re a fail at life since you sit and scour epicfail just to post that you were the 1st to post lol so very sad

  1. You making fun of black women homie? black women actually have no straight hair and that’s why black men love getting with white women to make babies who have proper hair lol I mean it’s difficult enough to find any differences between black men and women in Africa. They all have short curly hair and saggy tits lol those black women with straight hair have white parents.

    1. So black women that are adopted by white people will have straight hair, or is it just black girls will have straight hair if they come from a white couple? You confusing me.

    1. And yet most animals have straight hair. Including apes and monkeys. Get of the internet and read a damn book.

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