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    1. Fuck no he isnt his videos are all fake. He is the fakest motherfucker ever. He shoots at targets like 2 feet away then uses those to make people think he a good shot. He is a clown and a faggot.

  1. So guys I just had my septoplasty surgery and my teeth and nose hurt like hell. I have fever and I can’t sleep without painkillers. I will have my nose packing taken out on august 9th.

    1. @2LOLO, How ’bout I lock you in a refrigerator, tie a nuke on the door, and blow your goofy fuckin’ ass to Pluto? Huh? How’s about that there shit? Huh, fuckwit?

  2. that dude is freaking awesome. he got his hands on pretty much any firearms available out there. check out his youtube videos.

  3. This dude’s really down in Alabama or someplace south and sports the fake Rusky accent. (Why?..I have no idea.)
    He does get his hands on some pretty kick ass firearms though.

  4. I love how this dumbfuck is completely unconcerned that he almost killed the idiot who agreed to film this stupidity. “Oh, I have to bring my friend to the hospital.” I bet he stops at McDonald’s, first.

  5. Fake accent, fake cameraman accident, fake fail. The only thing real is the excellent viral marketing for the shit he sells at his website. Got to give him kudos for playing this site so well.

  6. All you idiots talking shit about this guy probably have never seen his videos or are some liberal gun haters that love to kiss at Chik-Fil-A.

    1. Speaking of idiots…^

      Nobody here is talking any left wing propaganda, they just seem to pointing out that the guy is kind of a dipshit- which is a condition you seem to be suffering from yourself.

    2. What kind of a manly man hates videos about guns or talks shit about someone that shoots every gun imaginable? Bunch of jealousy is all it is.

    3. 2lolo says: August 5, 2012 at 11:35 pm In my home country, we blow your dickhead

      hey 2lolo, where’d your original comment go?

    4. Veiling your own homo urges in an attempt at humor is getting you nowhere. Take advantage of the Chick-fil-A fiasco and come out of the closet now, before the dust settles. Chicken.

  7. it is about time someone caught some schrapnel on his videos, he has been warned many times not to do things like that,

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