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  1. She’s not even that bad looking, shes actually kinda pretty. It’s just that she has her values all messed up, especially knowing how the mind of the internet works xD

    1. With any Luck at all the chubby little pig will see it , and maybe realize how fucking vain she is. Damn roll her in flour and fuck the wet spot , yuck.

  2. You know, I cannot understand why this thread has gotten so many hits. I think this shitty post is shitty and the girl looks nice.
    I think, for some reason, a lot of young people are so uncomfortable with themselves that they have had to comment and berate this chick…for some fucked up fashion shit, dumbass reason.
    And people love to tell me that I have no life.
    To this girl: Don’t worry, Sweetie, someday some nice guy like me will make you feel like the special girl that you are. Just hang in there with all these fuckwitted misfits. You got it going on.

    1. No the thing is she is legitimately ugly. She’s 13 years old and has the face of a 68 year old. And its not so much that she isn’t the best looking person in the world, its that her mind is so obviously warped and she will spend the rest of her life inflicting that on the people around her.

    2. You’re probably right about a lot of the commenters Fred (though the same could be said of pretty much everyone on the internet), but things are never that simple. Some people just don’t like ugly people. Especially bizarrely confident ugly people. And while I’ve seen much worse than this girl, she definitely isn’t attractive, so I will berate the shit out of her inanimate image.

  3. So, one has to look like a mentally challenged homosexual to get this girl? I mean, she’s not THAT bad looking… she shouldn’t settle.

  4. Bullying is one of the biggest epidemics in our country right now, and you all are contributing to it. You kid’s these days make my stomach turn and fear the day my children are old enough to get bullied. I’m proud of her that she has such self confidence, and can only hope the rest of you gain some for yourselves as well.

    1. Well that’s very sad. I worry about that generation when they become adults.. Not that kids weren’t mean when I went to school.. but these days they take it to extreme levels now that they can hide behind a computer screen and do it.

    2. Bullying is inexcusable, period. The young lady in the picture does not deserve to be bullied, even in here. I do beg to differ, however, with your definition of self-confidence. What we have in the original image is not self-confidence, it’s straight-up arrogance, which hopefully she will grow out of in a few years.
      Other than that — guys, give the kid a break before your mothers see what you’re posting on here.

  5. She’s just a kid goofing around on computer.
    I think the epic fail is all you homo’s participating in this crap.
    Oh ya. I’d do her.

  6. “Wait till she finds this post… She’ll be devastated” gee Alex do you think you might actually be over estimating your importance n this girls life,LOL. As for you other bunch of dick wads she is a lovely looking girl having a bit of a joke. Obviously you are too retarded to realise that though. As for calling her fat – you must be blind. Oh hang on, you would be on account of all the wanking you do seeing you no doubt never even touched a real total bunch of sad sacks. BTW if the only way you can make your point is insulting the girl and using bad language that actually relects on your intelligence – or I should say lack of it. Have a good day hand jobbers.

  7. “…to get this” she’s objectifying herself but ONLY to guys that are good looking. She’s a pig in several ways. She’ll be that bitchy hefty broad with the unchecked ego that eventually realizes that the dudes that are willing to put up with her non-sense and butter face are NOT the dudes in this picture.

    1. Jealous of what exactly? This girl is more to be pitied than laughed at. There aren’t that many fatty chasers and none of them look like the pre-adolescent boys she seems to fancy.

  8. Only guys on epic fail or 9gag would say ohhh actually she´s pretty. . . Well that let´s you know what type of guys usually hang around on these sites LOL. . . NO REGULAR GUY IN HIS RIGHT MIND WOULD CONSIDER HER PRETTY. . .

  9. Don’t people have a sense of humor anymore? maybe it’s meant to be funny……anyone making nasty comments personally know her?

  10. I really don’t understand the big deal. First of all who gives a shit if this LITTLE GIRL is chubby. She doesn’t need to hear that crap. Let her have some confidence, hopefully it will help her realize also that too much makeup is never good. She isn’t bad looking, she is cute. And as a girl who is most likely not even 12 cute and pretty should be hte only thing she is called. The only fail here is her standards.

  11. If you look like a gay you are going to get a pig… And BTW, my post is not about chubby, ugly or gay, my post is about stupidity!

  12. for real people, shes like 13 or so, she’s bored and had a way to photo shop pics, wow sue her! she’s cute as a button and when she grows up you guys will see she’s going to be very pretty. she’s a human too, just like you and me, back off she’s not hurting you and you don’t have to be a dick.

  13. Hey Pig! Did you know… that if you look like that… and say shit like that… you’ll earn the ire of the internet. Even a hot girl would get shit for this. You’re a “moped” at best.

  14. Can we please have this picture changed? Logging into this site and seeing her face has made me drop from being a daily visitor to a bi-weekly one. Please?

  15. Um. That may be true if you were the LAST female thing alive, but even then I’m pretty sure those guys in the picture would call it quits, and just have an or*y with each other.

  16. I was just wanting to know one thing, Is this a site, where you can just come to Cut down other people that you can do it to there face. Acctually I call that being a coward, I know what your going to say about me calling myself unknow already and i’ll tell you i don’t fill like getting stupid comments on my FB and i already know that that is what happens when people know your name they can’t come to you and be a man about what they say they use the internet to use, abuse and trorment those they don’t want to tell them to there face, SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!! tHE INTERNET IS BECOMING A VERY UNCLEAN PLACE AND SOME OF THE SITES SHOULD BE OUT LAWED , tHAT IS OF COARSE IN MY OPINON TOO BUT I CAN BET YOU TOO THAT TYHERE ARE MANY MORE THAT WOULD BACK ME UP ON THAT TOO, BUT AGAIN TOO THERE YOU GO WITH PEOIPLE WANTING TO SAY OR DO SOMETHING BUT CAN’T DO IT TO A PERSONS FACE OR EVEN TO THERE CONGRESSMAN WHO COULD CHANGE THIS NATION IF THOSE PEOPLE WOPULD SPEAK OUT AND LET IT BE KNOW WE ARE TIERD OF PUTTING UP WITH THE WAY THIOS NATION IS BEING RUN. BUT NO THEY JUST WANT DO IT IF THEY HAVE TO STATE THERE NAME…..

    1. 1.learn proper English
      2. you are a coward
      3. man,you got issues..go see a doc
      4. internet is easier to speak out loud as i would not waste time to talk to a person who is retarded like you and this moron-ish girl.
      5. this stupid brat is not only super ugly she is also picky.. with her brains and looks im sure she will have all the men she wants (NOT!!) that when she will be legal-I did not know pigs are in heat so early hahaha

  17. I call bullshit. That girl has waaaay lower real life standards than that. Either that or she’s forever alone, with that face! Haha

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