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    1. How correct you are 😉

      And a POS piece of crap Hyundai it is too….the last thing you would want if you owned it, would be to draw attention to yourself.

      The SHAME.

    2. “I’m gonna go and buy a hyundai and then spend a bunch of money to make it looker better when I could have just spend the same total amount of money on a better car in the first place.”

    3. @DeadlyFoez: You can buy cheap spoilers for under $100, he wasn’t going to be able to upgrade to a better car for $100.

      Besides, everyone knows that Hyundai’s get light in the rear when you hit 150mph, so that spoiler is purely functional, not just for looks!

    4. Well it won’t work, look at the angle of the leading edge of the aerofoil, all it’s going to do is create LIFT as air will flow under it, not over!

  1. That spoiler is set up wrong and is creating lift and drag, while is supposed to keep the rear end down at high speed.

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