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    1. seems like u havent worked a day in your life.
      most jobs i kno wont make u work 100% of the time u r there, u simply need to be there in case its one of the 1% days where shit hits the fan…

    2. what magic fucking land do you live in where no job actually requires any work? because I want to move there.

    3. LMAO @ lekker kaas..

      Are you fucking serious? And you say Vic seems like he hasn’t worked a day in his life? You’re an idiot.

  1. He’d make a great Uhmerican. At least he’s not out fucking with coworkers, keeping them from doing their “jobs”.

    1. Can you really not spell American, or was that on purpose? Actually, that sounds like what Obama is. He says UH every other word during speeches when he’s not reading a teleprompter. Is that what an “Uhmerican” is?

    2. Yeah. And you realize I’m from Alabama, too? And you realize I love to piss off anyone that subscribes to polical subterfuge? Especially these Republican fuckwits? I can’t get the Democrats to do anything but stay quiet because they think they’re shoe-ins.

    3. Personally, I’m tired of these old Republicans saying that I should “get off my ass, work for $2 an hour, and appreciate that $2 because I caused this “recession” and I should have all my “entitlements” taken away”.
      What happened to Paulson, Greenspan, Sommers, Rubin, and many others that plotted this shit?
      Why is Maddoff in prison?

    4. Oh! BTW, I was thinking of voting for Obama just to piss off Republicans, but I think it’s best to vote for fuckwitted Romney just to piss them off when he fucks them all up by implementing his fuckwitted scams and make all of us “low-lifes” suffer, die, allow the cheap wage Third Worlders to come in and be under the financial slavery that the One Percenters hired him for.
      What do ya think? Austerity, right?

    5. I know, 2lolo! I just went to the grocery store, and the girls that usually talk shit to me are pissed off. Boyfriends haven’t been giving up the money? What?
      This economy has everybody pissed. I’m expecting a black eye or two at any minute!
      It’s all hilarious as hell!

    6. I was supposed to go to a barbeque today but I think I’ll stay home, I’m getting a bad vibe from other humans.

    7. Ha! Ha! Man, I’m telling you, you’ll do much better staying at home, not answering the phone, and instigating arguments on the web.
      I’ve had three different people in the past week trying to “borrow” money. And I’ll bet I’d never see any of it back. I might as well just give it to them. “Borrow” my ass! And people are PISSED!

    8. Momma, Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa have had to let the kids move into the basement. That lowlife son-in-law don’t have a job and isn’t gonna get one.
      Momma, Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa can’t pay the mortgage because they bought that piece of shit RV five years ago and now can’t sell it.

    1. ….What? The second box from the top on the tallest stack has the lid open… in both pics… Not to mention that they are the fucking same anyways.. You are a fucking moron. Furthermore, I hope you realize that he’s taped the boxes together so they hold up since he’s cut the boxes up. Lastly, I hope you are crushed by a random box and this box is heavy enough to knock out that sponge you call a brain. I hope the pictures are leaked to the internet and I hope someone will comment “look its not the same box” just so I can continue to wish this upon more idiots like you.

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