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  1. So you can use your feet in volleyball now ?
    Phucks sake…it’s turned in to soccer now?…with fake ass injuries and 3rd world smelly fans killing each other in the stands.

  2. Just a heads up, IOC will be coming after you. Can not reproduce, broadcast, or post anything olympic footage with out their writen permission, and they are big sticklers to that.

    1. Nothing. No such thing. Though if there was such a thing as a “Ping Poog Ball” it would be best used as a description of your fucked up head.

    2. NOW!!! NOW!!! FRED!!!! Take yourself and your “PING POOG BALLS” Back of BUS……. DAMN!!! NIG’S
      Think she can sit with us White’s…….

    3. Who the fuck are you trying to fool 2lolo? You’re white? You talk like a fucking retarded gay Fez

    1. sure it is, but in most cases, I REPEAT, in most cases, why would you use your feet when you can use your hands?

  3. Ok…why can’t I post on here from my home computer? Did 2lolo report me for being mean to him? What’s the matter, can’t take what you give? Fucking wimp.

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