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    1. Well, I screwed up and went out today…and things are not good here. Ask someone a question and you’ll get all kinds of shit that has nothing to do with what you ask. I think I’ll stock up as if a nuclear war is espected and become a hermit for the next six months. Hell, I’m getting a shitty attitude. Seems like people in all these threads that I visit are coming down with the same symptoms. Maybe the CDC should be notified.

    2. I think it’s bath salts. I gotta go buy some more guns and ammo. The Democrats are gonna start taking our guns away.

    3. Fucking dems… they take your guns away every time they get in office. When are people going to learn not to elect them??? Don’t they value their freedom??

    4. Well, Sir Nugent has been jammin’ out that song for a long time now. I guess voters just get the Cat Scratch Fever and vote Democrat. IDK.

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