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  1. seems like photoshop!!! btw… fortunately no one wrote “first” like if somebody would get a gift for that ¬¬

    1. it’s real Bitch… it’s happening in Taiwan idk when this event happen but anyway this event was real and not photoshoped.. want proof type Taiwan landslide on google or see the people in the road stopped and shocked by what they see.

    1. This is real. It’s kind of old news though. It was a landslide in Taiwan 2 and a half years ago. 4/21/2010 Look it up before you cry photoshop.

    2. You people are idiots. It doesn’t matter anymore, “photoshop” is the first thing out of your mouth whenever you see something. I hope you choke on a whole package of hotdogs.

  2. Ha! Looks like the real fail here is ^those^ guys. I should screen cap that and submit it for “Photoshop claim comment fail”.

    1. Huh. I wonder if they photoshopped all the news footage of it in Taiwan, where this landslide happened. I wonder if they also photoshopped the four people who died in it. Cause, that would be a lot of photoshop. Tell me, in your expert opinion, how is this “obviously photoshopped?

    2. I like how you photoshopped the stench of corpses floating in flood waters. That must have been an advanced feature of the software.

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