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    1. At least you had an Asshole dad, I never even had one, he was murdered & cut into pieces when I was only 5 yrs old.

    2. Yeah i now right lol my dad is a faggot son of a bitch how never been ther for me . But my step dad is a good role model for me .

  1. I’m really happy for this kid, nowadays it almost seems like its a choice between lots of time with your kids or being succesful. My dad is a selfmade man and I was very fortunate to be living in such a big nice house with a gigantic garden but when I see this, I get tears to my eyes.

  2. thats badass, but what do you expect when your dad owns a shop full of porsches. still its good to see at least one kid in the world has good parents, or maby they where having family troubles and the dad was trying to buy him off.

  3. A cool dad but the kid is 5 or 6, wearing only a helmet, maybe a lap belt. he is going at least 15 mph when he flips that thing as will obviously happen at some point, that cool modified car with all the extra steel and weight theyve added; will at the very least severly injure the kid when it lands on him, or more likely snap his neck or back and destroy his whole future. Great dad bad idea though. Shit he 5 or 6 in any state in america he would ride in a carseat. Scared for the kid hope he makes ok. shouldaof waited till he was older

  4. freakin dad of the year. Congrats to the father and son, i wish your whole life is full of this type of love and fun times. Beautiful to see sometrhing like this. Has a real American feel to it!

  5. Hope one day he actually get out of the car and uses his legs.Maybe one day he will be able to hurdle instead of just going around them!

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