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    1. FRED,, If I have an Imaginary 9 inch. Dick, WHY do you always looking at my COCK when I’m pissing?? Offering me $50.00 just to kiss it….
      NO!!! FRED….. I don’t Swing your way……..

    2. You’re already out of the closet, 2lolo, you just can’t realize it. Take off your blindfold and look around at all of us looking at your gay fuckwitted ass.

    3. Can we all just start addressing him as “Fake 2lolo” from now on? Cause after all, he’s a piss-poor imitation and I was here first.

  1. This guy is actually homeless in Coral Springs, Florida. LMFAO i was so shocked to see him on here. He always has the wig on, always has tights on (every day a different color) and wears heels.

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