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    1. I fuckin hate this cunt, I want to claw out her eyes, rip off her nose, then cut off her head & shit down her throat. …for starters. 😉

    1. Probably fell out of his pocket while sitting on his couch. I’d like to break into his house just to turn it over.

  1. And her facebook says “Shidd mii name is Samantha an ii dnt giive a fucc wat ppl thiink bout me… iim 18yrs old an ii liive in oak grove!!!! ii am completly thro wiidd niikahs fo da tyme beiin..sumtiimes ii wiish ii wuld have stayed wiidd mii friist tru love 🙁 bt ii guess iits tru everythiing happenes fo a reasson..”
    I guess they arent together haha
    This level of ebonics really confuses me. Wouldn’t it take less time just to write it in ENGLISH. -.-

  2. @FRED,, I’m very happy for you.. You found someone your in love with….. Do he knows that your a GAY MAN?????? Who is at night a Drag Queen?????

  3. I wonder if she will be surprised when the college of her choosing just sends back her application letter covered in vomit?

  4. Damn, I’m the last to pick on someone for their grammar and spelling but she best hope that her elementary school will take her back before worrying about college.

  5. It’s like all the niggas these days are all the same … I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry about that anymore… I have a man that I love dearly that wants to do something with his life and is VERY SUCCESSFUL!!!(YAY one thing she got right) I am so glad I fell in love with my best friend because he has always been there!!! I love you bestie… Can’t wait to see you again… Really can’t wait until we live together so I can always be with you!!! My party life is basically done and over and that’s the way I want it to be.. I’m ready to settle down and get back into college (more like 1st grade) and do something with my life… And I’m sorry if you don’t like it… That means no more hoptown and a lot of people are going to be cut off from my life… I’m not letting anything or anyone fuck up what I have going for me… It’s time I took control of my life and not let other people run it… Thank you bestie for making me realize this… I love you dearly!!!

    Took forever to write this, but I know I could barely read this crap lol

  6. SundayDezman Anderson
    hey idk if you know but your on page 6 of

    7 hours agoSamantha’Lovin Tha’Spider Lyfe’Indiser
    look if yuh dnt like tha way i fuccin type of facebook dnt read da shidd it has nothing to do widd yuh or any fuccin body else!!!!!! gudbye an stay da fucc off mi shidd

    7 hours agoDezman Anderson
    i didnt post that on epic fail i dont even know you! i was looking at that site an i was being nice enough to let you know your on there so dont get it twisted, i just figured somebody put that on there without you knowing! maybe i shouldnt have been nice, said anything!

    3 minutes agoSamantha’Lovin Tha’Spider Lyfe’Indiser

    a few seconds agoDezman Anderson
    uh this is pointless stop messaging me! no wonder why your on

  7. I don’t get why people are amazed by this? Try working in a prison and you will see this is amateur ghettoese. This is what happens when the “hip-hop” “culture” is given credence. Sorry if that sounds harsh…

  8. It would be so difficult for me to type in such an incoherent version of English. It would take me about 20 minutes to type all that, making sure everything was spelled incorrectly and “ghetto”. Oh, black people and their stereotypes.

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