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  1. Always wanted to do this… First! And fuck all you trolls who say this is gay. It’s a small crowning achievement, and serves to piss you idiots off just a wee bit… Bite it…

    1. Yeah, I’m always making every effort to represent my race in the most positive light possible. That’s why I’m always making racists statements. How am I doing?

    2. Well, I thought I had all the bitchiness accomplished earlier in the week, but if you say so I’ll stub my toe or something.

  2. FRED, All of the time when I seen you selling your Ass on the street….. I Thought you was a NIGGGGER…………. I didn’t know you’re a WET-BACK……..

  3. Where to begin? Beats Audio is nothing more than an EQ curve that you pay a $200 premium for. The speakers often don’t have any response above 1KHz. Find your dad’s crappy Jensen headphones from 1988 and see how they compare. I guess money=cool in the ghetto. Never going to make money in the ghetto studio with that crap. A laptop, MIDI controller, and an SM58 is not all that awesome and does not make you a producer.

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