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  1. How is that a fail? The chain is just looped around that metal stud so it’s visible.
    If someone tried to drive off with it like that, they’d quickly somersault over the handlebars.

    1. Do I really need to explain physics & engineering limitations to killa? … Dude, simply put. Try driving 3 ft & you’re done. It’s not really a security fail. Epicfail sucks as we all already know. 😉

    1. that is not a bike you’d find in America that that side walk looks like the ones you find in Europe… your point is?

  2. 1- Slip the chain off the thingy.
    2- Pick up the bike, put it over your shoulder.
    3- Walk away casually, try and blend in with all the other people carrying motorcycles with them.

  3. No matter how much of a fail that it looks like, I’m willing to bet that the bike had not been stolen by the end of the day.

  4. The chain is permanently affixed to the metal post, which is anchored in the concrete…Oh, I get it now! Someone could take the front wheel off and they could make off with the rest of the scooter. Stupid me.

  5. That bike isn’t going anywhere.
    A thief would know that they can slip the chain of the metal post.
    A great thief would know that you can’t ride it anywhere cause the chain with get caught in the wheel.
    The best thief would bring a spare scooter wheel with them, swap them over then make off with the thing.

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