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    1. Be the envy of your hipster-douche friends. Your battered corpse laying next to the car will make a really cool instagram upload.

  1. How is that a win? risking you’re life for a funny T-shirt… Enjoy you’re stupid lives. I hope whoever drives with a T-shirt like that gets into a car crash

  2. Clever, yes. Idiotic, yes. Nothing like a t-shirt that encourages people to be killed by not wearing a shoulder belt. I give it a FAIL.

    1. u need to go to sites where they show u what reeeeeeally kills ppl in car accidents… ur shoulder belt wont make u feel save on streets anymore i guess 🙂

    2. You’re right lekker kass, seat belts are not the reeeeeeal reason people die in car crashes.

      They are however one of the reeeeeeeeal reason you survive a car crash. . . . bloody idiot.

    1. @2LOLO, Show everyone your New T-Shirt….. The one with the I CAN’T SPELL WORTH A FUCK strip running down your back……….

    2. Better than a YELLOW STRIP…… Everyone makes Mistakes… But you’re mistake is to Bad mouth everyone….. But it’s just you FRED……..

    3. Fake 2lolo, you’re a total idiot. You lose in every possible way, and you’re making me look bad. Change your name back to “dipsht” and go back to saying “First no homo”, you were way funnier then.

  3. you guys are all fucked… ” youll hit a tree and die….. youll go through the windsield..” lol you guys have no idea, i rolled my car going 150 down a gravel road with no seatbelt, and walked away with a few minor cuts… and i tboned an suv with my car and then hit a hydro pole head on at 60 km and wasnt wearing my seatbelt, and just got a little scratch from a flying peice of plastic…. so fuck off and stop trying to be thge voice above others……

  4. It’s nothing more than a possibly funny conversation/chuckle. Yet everyone has missed that. There is no author or artist stating his opinion on laws and whather or not a governing body needs to proactively protect its’ people bests interest and lives, while still allowing the people to be “free”. Relax, laugh and move on.

    I would buy this shirt just because of peoples reactions.

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