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  1. Are you serious? How long were you with this guy before you married him? Didn’t you EVER spend nights or weekends together? He could NOT have waited until the I do’s to do something so incredibly assenine…NOONE, and I mean NOONE with even HALF a brain, accidentilly sticks a toothbrush up their nose

  2. CHOICES…. Ask FRED, All his life she wanted to be a woman… Wanted a SEX Change so FRED walk the Streets HOOKING for some changes..

  3. Stuck accidently his toothbrush up his nose? Yeah right. I use this one all the time too, when I try touching my brains through my nostrils.

  4. i’ts possible if you think about it. If someone was really oging at it and, maybe it just sliped from under his lip. Not cool to post something like that on FB. Unreputable.

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