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  1. “FIRST”beat her with the phone that she should of given to her friend to call 911.
    SECOND beat her with the garden hose that she should of put the fire out with.
    THIRD when she lies unconscious after beatings let a pervert like me pay you to have my way with her. cause that’s all she’s good for.

  2. are you fucking kidding me? LIKE REALLY YO?????? your house is on fire so you decide o get your camera and record it???????? and you wonder why god is going to destroy earth again…. -___-

  3. FRED, Kelta.Rose home burn down, she will be moving in with me… Where do I send her used panties, to you???
    P.S. there will be some of my juice on her panties.. Damn, I must wipe some on for you..

    1. Yeah, I’d rather just live under a bridge with the drunk homeless guy. At least his penis is a decent size.

    1. by listening to her voice. black people and white people trying to talk like black people aren’t too hard to tell apart.

  4. People like this deserve things like this fire. Instead of standing there saying ‘hell-no’, she should have called 911 and left with her cat. What an idiot. I hope she reads all of these comments.

  5. thats todays dumbass society. Instead of doing anything better film it, talk bull and do absolutely nothing. And then post the video on facebook with a stupid comment like “LOL, watching my house burning down from the inside. YOLO”

  6. If that person hadn’t come and told her to get out of the house she probably would of cursed at the fire til’ it burned the house down on top of her and her cat!

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