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  1. all politicians are scum… only selected few are a little ignorant in the game and get caught… if only they could all slip up and get themselves busted and embarrassed so they would all back out. maybe then we could find some halfway honest people to run shit!

    1. yea becouse halfway honest people are lining up for thier position and if only they would step down.

  2. Are you fucking Uhmericans totally ignorant about the fact that Isreal is the largest lobbyist organization? I’m not Neo-Nazi or any other “group”, but for fuck’s sake, get with the program and know how you’re influenced.
    You fucking fuckwits piss me off. Just because Mommy and Daddy believed in all this bullshit doesn’t make it so. Or do you really believe Mommy and Daddy has it right?
    Oh. I believe in a certain amount of the Holocaust, yeah. What I don’t believe in is the idea that Isreal has the right to hunt down people that was doing what they were told to do and be the only ones that can hold trials, monopolize on who is jury on those trials, and lay final judgement on those trials.
    Obviously, again, I am not PC.

    1. fred this fool was in parliment, and what the fuck, are you talking about. the only people that deny the holocaust are the germans. and how exactly does isreal lobby in the us. and why would we give a fuck if we did they are one of the billions of groups that lobby and are not the richest and they cant vote anyways so fuck em.

    2. 1. The ones who deny the Holocaust are not the Germans, they are of various nationalities, and are call negationists or revisionists. It’s a minoritary phenomenom, and most of Germans do well know of the Holocaust, and still drag behind them the shame of their past.

      2. Lobbyists can’t vote, right, but they do greatly influence those who vote, so their power can’t be despised. And the Israeli lobby is quite strong, especially in the USA. I won’t begin to explain how lobbying works, because it has many aspects and bad ones, and it’s depressing. Look it up yourself if you’re interested.

      Now toss rotten tomatoes at me if you want, I’m hungry and I have some mozzarella to use.

  3. Typical of Hungary. The more east one travels in Europe the more anti-Semetic the people, with the exception of Jew hating Portugal. Funny, huh, how the less educated and more backward countries hate jews – and a whole lot of other things.

    Oh, and to Fred from above. The entire holocaust was true, definitely, but the present heads of state of Israel (the 51st state) are racists, genocidal assholes as well.

  4. He was asked to give up his seat because of the alleged bribery not his Jewish roots. BULLSHIT!!! I can smell it a mile away.

  5. this is disgraceful, how people use racism to gain what they want, setting up sentiments among the masses. IT IS just a political tool.

    anyways people are stupid, like sheep, following wherever the shepherds tell them to, followers of such shepherds are just dogs…… e.g. the SS of the NAZI.

  6. Partially jew, if you don’t know yet hungarians are very mixed
    so ain’t no wonder that many can have jewish genes, so he can not consider himself a jew if he wants but a hungarian!

    For example jews are mixing with other people and still consider themselves jews only!

    So if you mix with a jew you are a jew, but if you mix with a hungarian you cant be a hungarian?

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