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  1. This vid kinda sucked.. but the portraits and terrible.. most of the babies either look like cartoons of old man! haha.. and a few are just bad!.. although the one biting the rat/mouse thing was actually kind of cool… if someone wanted something like that on them for the rest of their lives..

  2. The innocent picture of the baby transformed as an ugly old guy
    ( like Curly from the Three Stooges) on the back of her skin. I hope she can afford tattoo removable laser surgery.

  3. You know what? Serves ’em right, haha!
    The people should’ve known that portrait tattoo is ALWAYS a bad idea 😀

  4. ok let’s say that just one more time : “baby are ugly crying potatoes…stop tattooing them on you and stop breeding yourself !”

  5. I disagree with fuckyourgod. Babies are the future. IF youre going to tattoo them, Make sure the artist knows what the fuck hes doing.

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