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  1. Dude, he’s just a kid trying to hook up. Whoever trashes on this is that annoying kid from back in the day that never had the pair to do anything but sit back and run that little cocksucker.

    1. I would actually do a cover on guitar with real emotion, like how singing should be. Not stand there like a deprived fat fuck.

  2. I am so thankful internet didn’t exist when I was a kid… and now petrified at the prospect that my son’s every social failing will be caught on vid, and preserved for eternity on YouTube.

    1. Well my one failing is on VHS and not YouTube. I just hope no one notices papa smurfing on it. $30 a cassette.

    2. true, that the only hope is prevention. if you see your kid walking into the woods with a camera, a music device of some sort, and a guitar. do the world a favor and have a hunting accident in said woods.

    3. So true, too bad the only thing that got shot that day was something that never got to be used (except by pipeline)

    1. He stole this idea from Stewie on Family Guy ,most likely, so thats probobly why he doesnt seem enthusiastic, hes letting the song do the work.

    1. This guy doesnt have balls, he doesnt even have shame. This is the kind of guy who goes on gets a bus ticket to go across 2 states to meet up with an underage girl he meet online to live with her. He put no thought into thinking if her parents would let him live there and winds up broke and homeless at a auto zone where im recycling my used motor oil. I offer him a place to live till he gets some money to help him out and find out he is a total piece of shit. This guy looks and talks just like him.

  3. If I was a girl and someone made this for me, I would struggle not to shove knitting needles through my ears to make it stop. Yes there is a stop button, but the stop button wouldn’t guarantee that no more of these horrendous affronts to life and music would ever get posted through the letter box.

    1. All of this girl’s friends should rag her out, calling her a bitch, until she is pressured into giving this guy some. That’s how I get friends to do things for my amusement. I have the biggest laughs.
      And I think that’s how this kid has it planned out.

    2. @FRED, Only thing you planned out is how fast you can make him cum, so Jimmy can have his turn…. Than comes WhatTheFail…..

    3. We know this is you Fred, stop coming up with excuses for getting busted trying to lure 2lolo into your badly acted porn movie..

    4. If I wanted to “lure 2lolo” into anything, Chauncy, it would be a large trash compactor. All I’d have to use is a “badly acted” birth video.

  4. Pale apparitions, pitiful howling, random guitars strewn all over the place- I’ve been saying those woods were haunted for years!!

    1. For being blind, he sure does a good job navigating rough, wooded paths, and staring directly into the camera.

      Anyway, just so we’re clear… blind people = not OK to make fun of, but kids in love honestly trying to convey their surely wildly contorted emotions privately = OK to make fun of?

  5. If he would have just mouthed it with some emotion this video might have been a win but his lack of self confidence in singing completely eliminates the ballsiness this video should represent but now doesn’t.

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  7. He loves the girl, that’s obvious. Appears he’s used up all of his strength doing everything he can do to impress her. He’s not that bad. He’s not great either, but he’s better than me because I wouldn’t have the guts to do it. Talk about a monotone voice though. Bueller? Bueller? Do the video again with some emotion, just get some rest first.

  8. Do tone deaf people know that they’re tone deaf? This is a serious question. (If you don’t understand what “tone deaf” is, then you are probably tone deaf.)

  9. it would be really messed up if SHE put this on here just to mess with him…. did he ever get her? Prob not with the way he sang.

    1. I doubt he got her based on the fact the videos puplic. unless he isnt ashamed. in which case boo to him.

  10. this song made me take a dump in a public restroom and not flush the toilet, i also wiped my ass with the toilet paper still on the roller

    1. Damn that is intense, I have only done that out of spite of 2lolo at it’s house. that been said what was your reason besides retardation?

  11. It’s kind of funny and takes a little courage knowing you are a horrible singer but still put it out there. Most of all your comments are pathetic and explains so much about this younger generation.

  12. I think this is the sweetest thing ever. He sucks but it took balls to send this to whatever girl its intended for. I wish someone had liked me this much in high school.

  13. ok i only read just a few of these comments && i gotta say that yes the video wasnt that great but i mean come on ppl. do you have nothing better to do than sit around and dog this guy for trying to impress his gf or crush or what have you. so who exactly is the pathetic ones here, at least this guy is trying something. if you could fathom the things that he may of been through as a kid or even may still be goin through. its things like this that causes ppl to even consider suicide. if youve ever took part n bullying someone or calling ppl names && took pleasure from it or it made you feel better about yourself then you my friend should carefully reevaluate your own life && try && get to the root of what makes you hate other ppl you deem a lesser human being than yourself to the point that that person deserved the hatred that you have shown him or her. so ask yourself the next time you want to make fun of someone or make them feel like they’re so worthless what exactly makes them so deserving of your hatred && your condescending words. Ask yourself why you feel the need to do so. Ask yourself why you have the right to do so. Ask yourself why do you do those things to a fellow human being. you should do this in the mirror as well. then try to put someone else down in their place that you deem worthy of such a barbaric fashion c that they pay for their total idiocy && short comings that they can’t control. see that they pay for being the person that they are && make sure that you put them down so ferociously that they will never see the light that is their very being. Imagine that you were in their place && it is you that’s getting dogged on just trying the best you can just to get through the day. the true tragedy is because of ppl like what i just described that they never reach their true potential. so until everybody can realize this and wake up, we (as human beings) will never have peace.its because of ppl like this that there will always be war && famine. it’s because of ppl like this that our children will never see the world as it should be seen, beautiful, majestic && unique.what makes it so dang ugly is humans, but that’s another debate for another time. please feel free to prove me wrong because i know you’re gonna do it anyway, as is your right


      just kidding. couldn’t care less. I’m curious though, has anyone ever actually answered you like that or are you content enough just spending your time spewing your overly dramatic white knight bullshit on the internet and pretending you’re making a difference instead of getting off your fat ass and actually helping anyone in real life in any meaningful way?

  14. Ladies this is why guys are assholes alot of us start off like this then we get laughed at and rejected and there goes any thoughts of being a nice guy

  15. I always hated this song. 20 weeks at number one with it’s fake limpid trite lyrics and clumsy predictable tune. This annoying girl told me I didn’t like it because I had never felt deep love for anyone which made me hate it even more. I am deeply grateful for having a sweet and funny new association with it, especially as it is literally impossible to spoil such an attrocity.

  16. i hope this kid is rich, ’cause is not going to get laid by singing.
    if i was that lame when i was a kid…not i wasn’t singing just drawing for girls…know your weakness deaf pathetic singing bastard ^^

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