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    1. Alright Papa Smurf that’s Pineapple in the back ground… Have FUN with Pineapple Ass-o… Don’t let Nicky No Name find out… Nick No Name will step on you…….

    2. Major me and Nicky no name go way back when we use to share your mom before her tragic implement…. She had such a tight ass.

    1. Look at the comment above you. See as it makes reference to them all being “dogs”….no? Then let me ask you a question, are you as smart as 2lolo? Don’t be mad as itwasjustaquestion

    2. I bet you watch Japanese scat porn based off your statement…. I know because Greedy Smurf was the same way

    3. Papa Smurf, I seen your video on, FRED was shitting on your face as you jack FRED off…

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