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    1. As I can see you’re a frustrated artist, cause there is no other way you put that name, or maybe you’re mad because you are dickless, who knows…

  1. The proper response would be “Yah if I wen’t back to china 1.3 billion people would think I have a big dick.”

  2. Today’s generation is so uneducated. Why on earth does this bimbo think Chinese people in china would have the same statistically popular names that America does? I suppose she expects people in puerto Rico to stop using Carlos and Maria and start naming all their children Bob and Kathy…smh.

  3. trash can, airplane, gibberish, trees, pineapple, cows, car, fish… just thought i’d translate some of the ching chang chong shit for u guys since i’m asian… does that make sense if i were to walk up to u and started spouting shit like that?

    1. That is weird, last time you had a hard on Smurfette said you were to small for her to even feel anything, and she is only 5 inches tall…. Now that is saying something.

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