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    1. No it won’t. Black people understood what he was getting at. I understood it loud and clear. It made me laugh. See VP Joe Biden gets black folks.

    1. Welcome to politics in Uhmerica. Our elected officials are too busy arguing with one another and trying to make each other look bad to do the jobs they were elected and are being paid to do!

    2. Sounds about right. Politicians are just like lawyers except before the they get their paycheck from ya(tax payers) they make promises…. That they think you believe. Lawyers get a bigger paycheck only if you win, unlike politicians who tell you that you have,HAVE, to paid more taxes for their cost of living expenses

  1. A vice president claiming that the opponent is going to put black people back in chains and you don’t see what fuss is about?

    1. Funny, my hearing must be on the fritz. I could’v sworn I heard him say “gonna put ya’ll back in chains”, not “gonna put black people back in chains”.

      I guess you’re hearing what you want to hear… what he said resonated with me. Republicans are the USA equivalent of UK Tory party. They want the rich to get richer, and the poor to stay right where they are, downtrodden and unable to fulfill themselves.

    2. Yeah, FthisState must be black because he obviously didnt even hear the speech just what BET told him.

    3. If you don’t think he was referring to black people when he said “ya’ll” then you are seriously delusional. Also if what he said resonated with you, you’re delusional. You’ve bought into the 2 party paradigm and you’ve decided to just gobble up the left’s BS. It’s just as bad as those that gobble up the right’s BS.

    4. From a Canadian perspective Fthisstate. i think you are looking at this totally wrong. Mr Biden was talking about the banking system. Obama made it so the banks can’t write their own rules and get away with murder anymore. what Mr. Biden said. was Mit wants to make it so they CAN write the rules again. which puts the common middle class man. BLACK WHITE OR LATINO (OR BLUE) back IN CHAINS. cause you were in CHAINS!when the bank was bending you americans over and fucking you all white or black. your argument is so uneducated it hurts.

    5. okay, i am also Canadian. Clearly, Biden is saying Romney wants to deregulate the banking system and leave them unchained well Biden wants to keep the banks regulated and chained. Biden is referring to the banks being unchained at the beginning. Unchained from being regulated. Meaning, Romney wants to deregulate the banking system or unchain the banking system. Hence his reference “unchain wall street”. It’s like saying “let loose wall street”. Biden wants to keep the banks regulated and chained. That’s why he says “they going to put you all back in chains” because he is saying romney, by unchaining wall street, will have you all chained up and slaves to the financial sector because not the finaincial sector is free to reign and not regulated by the public. Simple.

    6. Just so you know where this speech was given in Danville, VA the majority of people that live in Danville as well as the number of people who attended this speech were African American so he did basically target “us” blacks. The person also cut out the part when he said “With your support we can win in North Carolina.” looks like Biden forgot what state he was in.

    7. Yosanna if that is what he meant why did he offer an apology to the African Americans following his speech? and Obama had to run to back what he said? Because his speech writer did not think before he wrote the speech for the target audience that was in attendance, said mistakes like this can mess a campaign up so much, at least I know it did in the state of VA, even a restaurant Biden tried going to turned him down after Obama statement of entrepreneurship saying that individuals didn’t create businesses the government created them. Bad choice of words used all over VA.

  2. So? He is speaking the truth, half of USA is racist and %100 of them are repubicans. I would say Obama might need to ged rid of Biden because he has done nothing in favor of obama campaign so far, but on the other hand i despise romney campaign

    1. No, “%100” or rather 100% of us are not Republicans, some of us are in the ‘don’t give a fuck’ party.

    2. Am I the only one here who’s studied US History? The Republican Party was founded the end slavery. It took a civil war and Lincoln’s life, but slavery ended thanks to the first Republican administration. Democrats like Calhoun and Johnson favoured slavery. And even to this day, it’s the Democratic party that had several KKK members as congressmen. Anyone remember Robert Byrd? Anyone heard of the “Klanbake” convention? Did you know that the KKK was founded by Southern Democrats to terrorize and assassinate blacks and republicans? That every Civil Rights Act was black-balled by democrats in Congress? You ignorant, stupid liberal.

  3. serious a fail? saying we need to regulate wall street more? this is why there should be an IQ test to a) commentate on politics, B) vote. this wasn’t racist it is a comment on overseeing the wall street moguls. god conservatives are seriously the most uneducated idiots that lack any actual evidence for their claims. this cannot be argued as you simply can look at the demographic studies. poor uneducated people go republican, educated people go democrat. not a political view is a statistical fact.

    1. Only a jackass that lacks critical thinking skills would align with a political party. Think for yourself and you’ll see right through the games politicians(from both sides) are playing.

    2. Left right paradigms to trick your feeble little brain into thinking you have a choice. Coke or pepsi, pizza hut or taco bell, chevy or ford, guess where it all goes in the long run you dumbass. Voting is a waste of my time whoever is going to be president was preselected long ago yes appointed. But lets trick people into thinking they have free choice just like we tricked them into thinking they are free when really liberties and freedoms just enslave the people DUR!

    3. If you seriously don’t see that the left tries to play these racial politics all the time you are simply not capable of thinking for yourself. It’s clear he was talking to the black people and minorities in the audience. It’s just as bad as the republicans calling everyone socialist. Get over yourself and realize you’re just a tool.

    4. i will assume that all three of you have less than a four year degree never even been in contention for any doctoral level program. thanks for more evidence that america needs an IQ evaluation system

    5. Texthemerciles, what do you suggest we do then. there is no conspiracy or political paradigm that can’t be unchanged from whithin. pick a political party and if you seriously believe it is the best, fight for it and market it. even if it is not in the running for the top 2. if you are right about your party and its policies, everyone should follow you party over time. but they won’t FOLLOW YOUR PARTY because in short, your actually unqualified and probably have the worst logic. democracy is not good but it’s the best form of rule we have. so come up with a functional government that does not have to do with democracy. Chances are you never will because you really don’t know shit about democracy in the first place. so how could you ever evolve a form of government when you yourself know nothing about the current form of governing? i am saddened and depressed that you re so stupid and lack the ability to see through a conspiracy theory

  4. This is not a fail. This is what happens when stupid people try to listen to smart people giving speeches. Misunderstanding.

    1. Fred’s, I thought I took off kelta’s. Then again it was dark and we were at an orgy. Fred we got to do that again with us being the only guys with a harem of sexy women.

    1. I thought it was white people…. After all they find faults in every culture but their own example Fury, RoccoL, Kkk,…. Ect.

  5. Why does this have to do with black people? He clearly meant Wall Street will put people back in chains? That’s what he talking about by the way!

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