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    1. I rather see clothes being blown off women, but if you like what you saw then boy does 2lolo have something to show you.

    2. Papa Smurf, You been ask me to let you kiss my COCK…. LOOK LITTLE BLUE BOY….. KISS FRED as you been doing and SWALLOW….. That will put a smile of FRED Face….

    3. I didn’t ask for your cock, I ask does your grandma want to bounce on mine. Seeing as she is a few hundred years younger then myself, kinda a change from doing Smurfette for the last 50 years.

    4. hey Papa smurf i heard 2lolo got a new job at the hospital as arectal thermometer cleaner but he got fired for taking his work home with him

  1. that shit blew his shirt off, slammed his face on the ground and managed to make him stab himself in the arm lol

    1. Thank you for fully explaining that , I for one never would have guessed that all happened. I thought he just took his shirt off and laced down.

  2. Blew off his shirt, I think he broke his arm as he came down and his arm is bleeding really bad, Wow, he just got Bitch slapped by Karma.

  3. karma, why didn’t he get killed? he’s trying to blackmail the driver, driver refused to pay him off, he stabbed his truck’s tire, asshole.

  4. this is like watching one of the Humoron videos ( the gruesome part of Humoron), this site is pure of violence and blood and heartless pricks….

    1. Well, it was on Humoron just a day or two ago. Actually, Humoron is just a hub and when you click on the video it sends you to another website.

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