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    1. yeah technically india is part of asia, but india is also known as the indian subcontinent, also indian food is significantly different from chinese thai and vietnamese food, so the sign is totally fine imho

  1. sorry british guy that posted this, but you’re the only ones that refer to indian food as asian food. the rest of the world is referring to east asian food when they say asian food.

  2. Well, to be fair, Indian food is very different from Chinese/Japanese/Korean (Oriental), which have a lot in common. For some reason a few decades ago, “Oriental” became a bad word, somehow offensive, and we all started calling Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Vietnamese, etc., “Asian”, which didn’t include Indians, Afghans, Pakistanis, or Russians. So the sign makes sense if you understand the stupidity of our stilted language. Our language is misaligned with geography, not this sign.

    1. it’s not really that crazy though. I mean would you call french food “european food”? like you say, it’s a very distinct style compared to the typical eastern asian food styles.

    2. “Oriental” is perfectly acceptable when referring to objects, e.g. food, furniture, a rug. It is not acceptable when referring to people. Understand now? Geesh.

    1. Subtitled ‘knowing your geography fail’, not a slang for white people fail.
      Also that’s our word for us…

  3. curry and rice based food with strange music and weird accent for a chip meal…lets face it…asia and india have the restaurant here ^^ and we still need a good mcdonalds after that ^^

  4. I currently work at this store and it’s not a fail it’s just the fact that all of our stores have very small isles. Most of them only have a maximum of 4 isles. So it’s really not even a fail it’s just a small space issue if anything. Other then the signs, the store actually sucks ass.

  5. “Asian refers to anything related to the continent of Asia, especially Asian people.”
    India is a country in South Asia.
    Therefore, Indian foods are Asian foods too.

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