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  1. and then of course they had to put the video online to where if they need to find someone for arson, then here ya are folks.

  2. The guy in the video died a few days ago of a heart attack. Might not have anticipated this going viral for completely different reasons.

    1. He should have eaten those Cheerios and not smoked them. Eat a bowl helps lower your cholesterol and smoking… I will leave to you to figure out

    1. People who declare that people who oppose gay marriage are bigots, are bigots. You’ll do better in life when you realize that.

    2. Rippy, you’re just as much of a bigot, apparently. You realize that millions of non-religious people oppose gay marriage too, right?

    3. What is their biggest stance against gays? Is it the Bible is against it?Or God hates gays? Or is it a sin?

  3. Wow, I Googled it and he really did die of a heart attack. The police had a criminal investigation open and we figuring out what to charge him with, but the case is now closed!

  4. you believe in god and you hate cheerios? next time pray to the cheerios and burn a cross you maybe will avoid to die from an heart attack asshole ^^

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