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  1. Considering the origin of the word swag came from a group of men in the 60’s who came up with it to mean “Secretly we are gay” I think it fits.

    1. Actually the word, “Swag” has been around at least since the 1700’s. It originally meant stolen goods.

    2. Here is an example: ‘It’s all arranged about bringing off the swag, is it?’ asked the Jew. – Oliver Twist 1838

    3. You’ll have to excuse him. You can’t really be in the mood for joking when you crapped your pants.

    4. I heard that in the Middle Ages when they put people in stocks and pillories, they’d paint an acronym for the offense up over the offender’s head. The one that I liked was: For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.

    1. … and an italian flag on hes necklace and arm thing… I think it’s a pretty safe bet he’s dressed up to be Italian. The other guy seems like he comes strait from the jersey shore sett. All in all, I thin this is a sarcastic costume win :p

  2. If there were these 2 douches and 1 woman left on this earth aside from me…I’d pick the woman everyday of the week! How the HELL can women find this shit attractive!?

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